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Hosts: Draegan (Jason) DraeganRJ@twitter, Meeo (William) MeeoRJ@twitter

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Greetings Fellow Junkies!

We are finally back with our 3rd Episode, again i do appologize for the delay. We have a great episode, had a bit more fun with it, since we are finally getting use to it. Below is a quick list of topics we cover in this episode.

As always i always love you hear from you!!

- Meeo []

Host for Show: Draegan (Jason) DraeganRJ@twitter, Meeo (William) MeeoRJ@twitter

Podcast Show Notes:
- Gamebreaker TV The Sanctum (RJ’s own Draegan guest host)
- Adam Gershowitz On Stuff (Guest starred on RiftPodCast)
- World Events
- Class Balance
- GM Announcements Hacked
- Mobile Authenticator
- Daily Quests
- Faction Grind
- RIFT on
- 10 Man Dungeons?
- Allies of the Ascended
- People who got hacked
- RJ Guides and Channel Updates

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    Any new shows in the works.  This one is over a month old and with Ember out, I’m curious your thoughts.