Date: Oct 5, 2011  |  Written by Draegan  |  Posted Under: News, RIFT  |  DISQUS With Us: 1 comment

If you have any information or leads to world firsts, please send them to with a screenshot of the kill and a time stamp.

UPDATE: All world region firsts have been recorded. We still do not have a US first on Darktide. Congratulations to everyone! Here’s to the next raid race.

  • Vip of Freeholme (6:23pm 7/27) (US)
  • Special Olympics (7:10pm 7/27) (EU)

  • Maximation (8:22pm 7/27) (US)
  • Special Olympics (10:16pm 7/27) (EU)

  • Maximation (6:24pm 7/28) (US)
  • Special Olympics (2:28pm 7/30) (EU)

  • Maximation (9:55pm 7/28) (US)
  • Special Olympics (6:03pm 8/11)

  • VooDoo (7:19pm 8/11) (US)
  • Special Olympics (9:33pm 8/15) (EU)

  • VooDoo (11:36pm 8/11) (US)
  • Special Olympics (9:24pm 8/16) (EU)

  • Maximation (10:43pm 8/15) (US)
  • Special Olympics (7:06pm 8/23) (EU)

  • Maximation (No Time Given Yet 8/22) (US)
  • Special Olympics (10:13pm 8.25) (EU)

  • Special Olympics (9:44pm 8/26) (EU)

  • Voodoo (9:18pm 9/27) (US)
  • Special Olympics (10:14pm 10/03) (EU)

  • Roeland Kooijman
    This one would suggest Addiction had the US first Inwar Darktide kill.
    You can check it this way for all EU/US first kills this way (the only exception would be kind/prince as you could still wipe after killing one of them). And it also contains the time of the kill.