Date: Oct 12, 2011  |  Written by Draegan  |  Posted Under: Patch Notes, RIFT  |  DISQUS With Us: 1 comment

* Marksman: Strafe now correctly enjoys the benefit of the Marksman’s increased range.
* Shimmersand: Ritual Firebrand items are once again quest items and can be stored in the quest bag.
* Achievements: Expert Deepstrike Mines: Fixed a bug where killing Dichrom was not crediting the Expert: Deepstrike Mines achievement.
* Achievements: Gilded Prophecy: Added a speculative fix for a case where achievements would not be granted during the Thalguur fight.
* The Eth Agility racial ability correctly works again when swimming.

* Slightly increased the Planarite reward from zone event encounters.
* Tweaked the level ranges on some NPCs and Invasions during the zone events Army of the Wind and Prince of Earth.
* ‘The Crucible’ zone event in Scarlet Gorge has returned, and the fire colossi Fenkor and Derengal with it! Take on these colossi to earn your Ashes to Ashes and Kiss of the Flame achievements.

* Artifacts collected inside Chronicles now properly count toward the guild quest: Digging Deeper.
* The treasure chest achievements inside the Hammerknell and Greenscale’s Blight chronicles should award more reliably now.
* Fixed a bug in the Hammerknell chronicle that could prevent the Faceless Man or Borrin from assisting you with Murdantix.
* Hammerknell chronicle: The Painstalker Broodmothers should no longer get stuck at low health.

* AddOn API: Fixed a bug when setting the position of a RiftSlider immediately after creating it.

  • Joseph Miller

    “Artifacts collected inside Chronicles now properly count toward the guild quest: Digging Deeper.” 
    I thought them not counting was intended, seems like the guild quest will be pretty quick, I always seem to find 5 or so in the Hammerknell chronicle.  Good change though, will be nice for smaller guilds.