Date: Oct 16, 2011  |  Written by Draegan  |  Posted Under: Article, RIFT Exclusives, SideBarArticleList  |  DISQUS With Us: 4 comments

Trion had a panel on Friday where they had Morgan Lockheart, Lore Lead, and Game Producer Hal Hanlin sit in and discuss RIFT as a whole with some details on the upcoming Ember Isles. Morgan discusses the lore of the island and Hal discussing all the different new game features introduced in 1.5.

  • Guest

    When Trion start to talk about the classes and balance..THEN we might give a shit about about new content and lore.

    • Guest

      Give 10 fucks about PvP Heroes. Give me content. :D

    • Guestx

      *sigh*.  Balance is nearly fine.  Rogues were over-buffed in 1.5, they just need to be toned down slightly and everything will be perfectly fine. 

  • Snack Snackerson

     Was there any time for Rift Q&A and if so what kind of questions were asked: anything really good?