Date: Oct 19, 2011  |  Written by Draegan  |  Posted Under: News  |  DISQUS With Us: 1 comment

Akylious is down but no loot to be found?, Are there major server imbalances?, Is guild ranking fair?, all that and more!

  • Blub

    I just want to comment your part about the akylios bug from an atrox
    member, who was already offline when the gm and dev showed up:

    I think, Trion did a pretty good job there. Though the others had to
    wait 4 hours- they got the loot and the server first message and we ALL
    got our plaques and the achievements in the end.

    I know from other mmo’s, that it wasnt even possible to get an achievement.

    And i think has to wait for their server message until their next id kill. (not 100% sure about that).

    Im pretty sure we got a special treatment. But only after some kind of forum trolling.

    Its the question if its necessary for the technic typ to know which encounter is how important for the community.

    Remember the ban for the MT of voodoo? He got olny unbanned after forum trolling.

    In my oppinion its fine as it is- voodoo still has its world first and we our server first message and achievements.

    Only the Community Managers have to stay in touch with the community.