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Stalwart Citadel: Now adds 30-90% of your Wisdom to Block.
Devout Deflection: Now adds 25-75% of your Wisdom to Parry and 25-75% of your Intelligence to Dodge.
Sovereignty: Now deals Life damage and stuns the enemy for 2 seconds.
Supremacy: Now reduces Physical damage taken by 9-18%.
Thorvin’s Law: Now causes Mien of Leadership to reduce non-Physical damage taken by 2-4% plus an additional 1.2% per point spent in Justicar above 26. No longer has an additional Spell damage reduction.

  • C-Tank

    Probably improvements in the long run but I just threw up a little at the thought of having to re-itemize for wisdom / int after months of gearing for strength….

    • Kait

      str is still mapping higher