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Once, in another world, there was a little kingdom by the sea. It was a poor little kingdom, but happy—the rivers rushing to the sea made the fields fertile, and the bay was thick with fish. Its people, who called themselves Ogres, were strong from hard work and hale from good food. But the Ogres looked with envy upon their neighbors, who did not work quite so hard because their mountains hid glittering riches.

Rift Dev Journals: Laethy

  • Maeloda

    Wow, I really liked this. It shows that:
    -the ogres come from another world, likely more attuned to the Plane of Earth (whereas Telara is attuned to all planes = sourcestone).
    -many of the planar beings perhaps have an origin in another world, yet taken as slaves/soldiers by the dragons
    -this kinda hints to me that beings like the Fae might still have their own world around somewhere (if it isn’t devoured). The ‘Realm of the Fae’ may only be a mini-version of that which is a mix between fae/Silverwood/Plane of Life