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This very large map of the Dusken continent comes complete with all points of interest marked and labeled. Hubs and Porticulum areas have names outlined in blue. Other points of interest are outlined in black. This is information taken during Storm Legion’s open beta, so everything’s still subject to change before Tuesday.

Important note: This is also a work in progress on my end. I’m pretty sure I missed a few Porticulum points. After Storm Legion launches, I’ll be sure to update it with a current map, clean it up, and add any points I’ve missed, as well as make a map for the Brevane continent.

Click on the map to show the humungous full size version:

List of all current locations:

Kingdom of Pelladane

Storm Peak
Crucia’s Landfall
Aurentine Sourcewell
Mistvale Mannor
Dolcega Hotsprings
Fort Mazamar
Mazamar Sourcewell
Infinity Fragment
Temple of the Sun
Tuldio Retreat
Sundred Sourcewell
Moriya’s Safehouse
Fort Pluvo
Tammark Lighthouse
Defiant’s Beachead
Guardian’s Landing
Ferric Harbor (Note: Ferric Harbor appears as a Porticulum point to the north in Defiant’s Beachhead for Defiant players)


Ruinous Passage (the way through)
Valley of Bones
The Eternal Assault
Behemoth Graveyard
Camp Talon
Death’s Door
Iala’s Point
The Pus Swamp
Fetid Plains


Den of Lezul
Forest of Flesh
Senviva Estate
Dead Pass
Camp Cyclone
Camp Cyclone
Brink of Angoro
Shapers Citadel
Black Strand

Steppes of Infinity

Arcanum Conservatory
Camp Skyburst
Fort Antapo
World’s End
Fort Brevo
Static Vale
Infinity Holding Facility
The Infinity Gate
Vengeful Sky

Also, make sure to check out our Dusken Screenshot Tour if you’d like to do a little sight-seeing on this dusk-filled landscape.

  • Noshei

    you missed a LOT of porticulms actually