Date: Nov 21, 2012  |  Written by Jessica Cook  |  Posted Under: Buzz  |  DISQUS With Us: No comments yet

Corgi Rifts are coming back to Telara for a limited time! The tears into the planar realm of cuteness appeared over the weekend of the Extra Life marathon, but on Tuesday Amary confirmed that the corgis would be making a reappearance over the US Thanksgiving weekend.

Corgi rifts will appear from 12:01am server time on Thursday, November 22 through to 11:59pm server time on Sunday, November 25. Server time for North America is PST, and server time for European servers is GMT. The rifts can appear from random tears in pre-expansion content only, which means no corgis on Brevane or Dusken. Using a life lure increases the chance of getting a corgi rift.

Corgi rifts are closed by feeding cookies to waves of dogs. (It’s as cute as it sounds.) This second round of corgi rifts will give players another chance at the Suddenly, Corgis achievement and earning the suffix title “of House Fluffington”.