Date: Dec 10, 2012  |  Written by Laura Hargrave  |  Posted Under: Article, RIFT  |  DISQUS With Us: 1 comment

Mages are slowly getting an updated selection of minions and elemental creatures to assist them during their adventures, and during this past week’s updates, we’ve seen another new pet model make its way to the Public Test Server. Necromancers now have an updated model for both their Lesser and Greater Skeletal Zealot melee DPS minions. The models are probably not final in their current state due to some of the animations not being exactly correct, but the models themselves seem close to completion. Keep reading to see larger images of the new pet models!

Lesser Skeletal Zealot:

Greater Skeletal Zealot:

The level of detail on these new models is definitely a step above the older models. Mages, what do you think?