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RJ Patch Notes
* You can now move while casting Nexus Infusion.
* You can now invite cross-shard players to Dimensions and Weddings!
* Notoriety merchant Runes, Pets, and Costume pieces are now Bind to Account.
* Notoriety merchant Minor Runes can be applied to Storm Legion gear as low as level 50.
* Notoriety runes from PvP merchants are now Bind to Account.
* Artifacts for the Tide Heralds set should now drop from Storm Legion water invasions.
* Fixed some wonky thunder sounds used throughout the game.

* Beastmaster: Enrage: No longer a channeled ability, and now deals Physical damage over 10 seconds. Increases Party and Raid member damage by 5%, Critical Hit Chance by 5%, and Critical Hit Power by 10%. Increases the Primal Companion’s damage by 25%, Critical Hit Chance by 25%, and Critical Hit Power by 50%. Lasts 10 seconds.
* Champion: Mark of Exclusion: Fixed a bug where this ability could be cast multiple times in a row.

* Life Saga: The Changeling Revealed: Cealhaidh the Corruptor will no longer follow players around when they teleport during this quest.
* Onslaughts: Increased the number of Invasions and the amount of the invasion buff when up against higher player counts and upgraded turrets.
* Defiant or Guardian invasions should no longer attack Barrier Relays in Storm Legion zones.

* Ardent Domain Onslaughts should start back up properly after failing the Zone Event ‘Feeding Frenzy’.
* Auditorium Carnos Instant Adventures will now wait a minimum of 30 minutes between triggering.

* The Achievement ‘To the Library!’ can now be completed.

* Streamlined quest flow to get new characters into Silverwood more quickly.

* Onslaughts: Corrected the unintentionally long fallow time between Onslaughts in Pelladane.

* Streamlined quest flow to get new characters into Freemarch more quickly.

* Triumph of the Dragon Queen: Fixed a case where the Altar of Sparks could become non-interactable if a player dies while under its effect.

* Conquest queuing has officially changed – although some of these effects were appearing early on Live! While you can still select a team via the Join buttons, this is now treated as a preference and not an absolute. If your requested team is currently full, while another team has room, you will now join that team rather than remaining queued. If the entire match is full, you will remain queued until a space opens.

* All crafting dailies that grant Notoriety now give 400 per turn-in.
* Increased the currency cap for Master Craftsman’s Marks to 500.
* Reduced NPC sale value of ‘trash’ fish to 1/4 of their previous value.

* Epic Raid drops that required both the Heart of Crucia and the Heart of Regulos now require only one heart, plus an additional component purchased in Tempest Bay from the Raid Gear Merchant.
* Epic Dungeon Vendor: Epic upgrades are now available for all Belts, Chests, and Helms from the Expert Dungeon store.
* Dropped Raid gear can now be upgraded using Empyreal Marauder’s Cells. Upgraded pieces gain the raid set bonus.
* Pestilent Chain Leggings now have the correct Critical Hit Chance value.
* Screaming Blade is now properly statted for tanking.
* Empyreal Vanquisher’s Dagger is now Unique-Equip to match the other paths of its upgrade tree.
* Raid-tier helmets have received a stat increase.