Date: Feb 15, 2013  |  Written by Laura Hardgrave  |  Posted Under: Buzz  |  DISQUS With Us: 3 comments

simple loot

If you or your guildmates ever wonder where you can find a frequently-updated loot table for Storm Legion content including normal dungeons, expert dungeons, and all current raid instances, RIFT Simple Loot is one option to consider. The site is relatively new, and the owner has been getting a bit of help from players on the official forums in order to help ensure accuracy. The site’s easy to navigate, which makes it a plus in our books. Go on, check it out!

If you notice anything missing or have suggestions for the owner, feel free to post in this forum thread. And no, we’re not affiliated with RIFT Simple Loot at all– just here to spread the word.

  • WooferZed

    Is there any way to see what the best gear that can drop from each dungeon is? Like I want to know what dungeon I should run to get my hit up as a cleric, so maybe let me sort it by best for x class?

    • Secgu76

      Unfortunately there isn’t the elitist mentality in this game as there is in WoW. I’ve been looking to gear my Cleric to the teeth too, but alas, it just isn’t happening.