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Catch up this week as we have a roundtable discussion with Ridculy of Knights of the Temple, Slade of Lords of the Dead and Jonalynne of Herfolge Boldklub (say that 10x fast).

Is WvW ranks creating too many zergs? Is there less incentive to play the game now as it was intended?

We talk about SABs, Wildstar, TESO and the future of PVP in the MMORPG genre.

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Jonalynne – Herfolge Boldklub (HB)
Slade – Lords of the Dead (LotD)
Ridculy – Knights of the Temple (KnT)

  • Jimmy

    Why is this on the rift page?

  • guest03122013

    In regards to WvW, what you need to help reduce zerg fests and encourage participation is introduce PvE type dynamic events. Something along the lines of original Alterac Valley from WoW, where you can undertake missions and objectives in addition to just grabbing/destroying graveyards and towers. So imagine Borderlands that have different events for the defender and attackers, like the king of the hill scenario mentioned in your podcast.

    For example you can have special caravan events where the reward would be a plague weapon that you could steal if you successfully complete the event and then deploy to weaken the amount of supply a particular enemy controlled camp produces and the points it ticks for. You could then have small parties or even individuals having an impact in WvW when they otherwise couldn’t, because while its possible for individuals to take supply camps, its not possible when the supervisor buff is up.

    If you begin to pepper WvW with these type of impact events you’ll get more dynamic play. Having the dredge dig tunnels under stonemist walls instead of just attacking supply camps, could really put a lot more importance on controlling AP and WR towers. An event that has you take a certain patch of land and hold it, could confer a mapwide bonus to walls or siege weaponry or even points. And on and on.

    Basically, what I’m saying is that there needs to be various ways to win a match, not just steamrolling static objectives that favor mob tactics and better populated servers. Don’t get me wrong, there needs to be a place for mobs and grand 60v60 battles, just not a constant need.

    P.S. Let’s get some weather effects going. Who doesn’t love a good fog to reduce visibility, or some rain to slow you down.