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Elrar announced yesterday that we’ll be seeing the arrival of the new Moonshade Pools dimension next week. This dimension will be one of the largest personal dimensions in-game and will sport a 1000-item limit. It also, of course, features one of the most gorgeous areas of Moonshade Highlands. Elrar also announced that the team will handing out some dimension goodies (two ferns to be exact) for players who are signed up to receive the RIFT newsletter. The team will also be holding a couple of special live stream events for the grand opening of Moonshade Pools:

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Dimensional Thunderdome – Friday, 4/12 @ 1:30PM Pacific: 3 Teams Enter, 1 Team Leaves. Show off your dimensioneering skills and compete for prizes!

Moonshade Pools Tour – Friday, 4/19 @ 1:30PM Pacific: The two winners of our Joy of Dimensions Contest have been hard at work decorating their own Moonshade Pools. We’ll show you just how awesome it can look!

For an early tour of the empty dimension, check out our Moonshade Pools Dimension Preview.