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RJ Dev Tracker

One of the features players most commonly request is the ability to alter the appearance of our weapons through RIFT‘s Wardrobe system. Many players had hoped we’d gain the ability to change the appearance of our weapons in Storm Legion. It didn’t happen, unfortunately, but Daglar did have some excellent news yesterday for players who have been faithfully reminding Trion’s RIFT team that this feature is still very much needed:

Originally posted by Daglar (Source)

Wardrobe will not be available for weapons. However we have another solution coming down the pipe for 2.3 to customize weapon appearances.

Later in the same thread, Pithos added an extra detail and told us that yes, this new system will also affect the appearance of shields and other off-hand items. Hooray!

  • Samuel Serafim

    Last, but not least…
    Of course all mages in all servers will hold the greenscale staff, because is the only beautiful staff in all game.
    So there will be another little problem, but i hope they learn someday when the players said since Rift 1.0 the gears and weapons are uggly, is because they are.

    • Malcolm Swoboda

      But I love a lot of Storm Legion’s gear…

      • Samuel Serafim

        Yes, some of them are nice…

        • Malcolm Swoboda

          Classic Rift = Mostly blah/tatters, with some standouts. (Mathosia = the paupers/adventurers)

          Storm Legion = More slick, ‘rich looking’ (Brevane/Dusken = the elite/champions)
          ??? (Entering the Rifts) = Elemental themed, elaborate (Planes = the demigods/god)
          ??? (???) = Heavenly/Hell/??? (Expansion = Godhood as Ascended)

  • Archangelanimus

    This is awesome! I couldn’t believe that the other big MMORPG got it out of the gate first but i’m glad to see it finally happening.