Date: Apr 23, 2013  |  Written by Laura Hardgrave  |  Posted Under: Buzz, News  |  DISQUS With Us: 2 comments

Remember a couple weeks ago when Elrar showed off this little yellow guy during Trion’s weekly live stream? Raptr’s making his debut leap onto our RIFT shards today with the addition of a handful of new Raptr rewards.

What is Raptr, you ask? Raptr is this nifty gaming site and software that’s free and can be used to connect with other gamers, share screenshots, news, etc., and track your gaming time. Raptr often pairs up with game companies like Trion to give away in-game goodies and promotions as a reward for being a member.

For the Raptr pet, you’ll need to have an Elite Raptr rating in RIFT or higher. The good news is that if you’re new to Raptr, you have plenty of time to obtain that rating since this promotion will run from April 23rd to June 11th. Other than the cute yellow guy, Trion and Raptr are offering a new pair of Wardrobe-specific Stone Spaulders and this Storm Legion Arbiter Helm that was also offered at the beginning of the expansion.

Oh, yeah, and there’s also a promotion for a free copy of RIFT and Storm Legion if you’re a little late on picking up the game and/or expansion. For more information, check out Raptr’s information page on this offer as well as Trion’s announcement regarding the promotion. Raptr herd, assemble!

  • Matt

    Uhm, some research into your post would help out a bunch since you’re incredibly wrong by stating the rewards “debut today.” The rewards unlock on the 24th, NOT TODAY.

    “Please come back on 04/24/13 to claim.” via Raptr itself.