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RJ Patch Notes

* Players who rejoined a guild created by a different faction than their own will now have the correct faction displayed next to their names in the roster.
* Fixed a bug that could cause some players to crash when loading.

• Optimized respawning within Conquest maps and fixed a problem which would cause players to get stuck when teleporting to Caer Mathos during matches.

• Endless Eclipse: Regulos – Shambling Nightmare can no longer critically hit on normal attacks.
• Endless Eclipse: Kain (Hard Mode) – Fixed an issue that would allow the Deathbound Bloodthieves to break their “dead” animation before they resurrect.
• Archive of Flesh: Collision added in Cahail’s room to prevent players from completely avoiding Frenzied Embrace.
• Exodus of the Storm Queen: Fixed issue that would prevent the “Hot Lead, Cold Steel” event from re-starting on a reset.
• Exodus of the Storm Queen: Fixed an issue that would prevent players from using the exit portal after beginning the “Hot Lead, Cold Steel” quest but not yet begun the fight against Dominax.

• Ashora: The “Aquatic Blessing Statues” near Majeric Tower should function once again.

* Calliope’s Paragon Synergy Crystal: The additional damage from Death Touch has been reduced to 2400 in PvP with the 4 piece set bonus.
* Bond of Shelter: Fixed a bug where Bond of Shelter is removed when the player zones, and removed the tooltip text that indicates it lasts for 1 hr.
* Bond of Shelter: Will no longer remove quest disguises.
* Interfere: Fixed a bug where the effect tooltip of Interfere was displaying as Kick.

*Prion’s Chloromancer Crystal: 4 piece set bonus now procs off of damage ticks of Void Life and initial damage from Vile Spores and Ruin. Duration of the buff has been increased to 15 seconds.
* Fixed an issue where casting Reflective Presence while another Charge consumer was active, such as Arresting Presence, would cause Reflective Presence to cost 0 Charge.
* Lightning Blade, Luminous Weapon and Reaper’s Blade can no longer be purged.
* Improved Fireball: Fixed an issue where Improved Fireball wasn’t correctly affecting Ranks 11 – 14 of Fireball.
• Fireball: Reduced damage slightly.
* Removed the shared cooldown between Fusillade and Extinguish.
* Flame Volley: Can now be channeled while moving.
* Inferno: Can now be cast on enemies below 40% health; up from 30%.
* Spark: Now reduces the mana cost of non-instant Fire spells by 4/8/12/16/20%.
* Spark: Also reduces the cast time of Fire spells by 4/8/12/16/20%.
* Extinguish: Reduced its cooldown to 20 seconds.
* Extinguish: No longer requires a target to cast and no longer considers Combust stacks to determine number of procs.
* Combust: Had its damage reduced.
* Flame Rupture: Is now removed when the enemy dies.
* Glyphs of Power: Now provides its damage bonus full time, instead of only when standing still.
* Ride the Wind: Had its cooldown removed.
* Ride the Wind: Now costs 30 Charge to cast and lasts 10 seconds, but no longer consumes Charge while active.
* Slightly increased the radius of the AOE effects of Forked Lightning and Lightning Field.
* Prion’s Stormcaller Crystal: 2 piece set bonus no longer has an internal cooldown on the buff proc.
* Contaminate: no longer blocks Sacrifice Life: Damage from being cast.

* Soul Drain: Increased the movement speed of the projectiles.
* Soul Drain: Now requires line of sight to the initial target in order to cast.
* Eruption: Now deals damage based on the Cleric’s Spell Power whenever the Cleric applies an absorb to the buffed ally.
* Liberty of Thought: Now appears grayed out unless you have an effect it will remove on you.
* Wrathful Exuberance: Now deals damage to the buffed ally’s target equal to 75% of the amount healed.
* Wrathful Exuberance: Now deals damage on both healing and overhealing.
*Qil’s Warden Crystal: 2 piece set bonus now procs off of both Soothing Stream and Healing Flood.
* Reduced the cooldown of Orbs of the Stream and Orbs of the Tide to 30 seconds.
* Healing Effusion: Mana cost has been reduced.
* Under Pressure: Now increases damage done with Call of the Depths and Geyser by 20/40/60%.
* Ripple: Reduced the cooldown to 30 seconds.
* Overflowing Renewal: Reduced the cast time to 2 seconds.
* Dangers of the Deep: The buff from this ability now also increases the duration of heal over time spells by 1 second per stack.
* Bosun’s Blessing: Now also increases damage by 10%.
* Shared Excess: Now instant cast.

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