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In the past we’ve covered Star Wars theme parks and snow-covered Viking villages in our Dimension Spotlight. This time, we’re turning down the exotic locales a notch and taking a look at a perfect weekend getaway underneath a waterfall. As a bonus, our waterfall-enchanted nook just happens to be set in Moonshade Pools, RIFT‘s newest dimension.

Moonshade Cove, which is on the Faeblight shard, comes to us from Ebonrose. Thanks to a very cool contest held by The Artisan’s Guild on Faeblight, Ebonrose’s dimension was the first place winner of the “Hidden Gems of Faeblight” contest, which showcased some of the coolest underdog dimensions among Faeblight’s thriving dimension-making community.

Moonshade Cove features a shoreside retreat that has all the comforts of home including a kitchen, cozy living room (complete with a comfortable-looking couch, but no, I won’t pull an Elrar and talk about couches every time!), bedrooms, plenty of books to read, an awesome little indoor garden complete with an automatic watering system, and a sauna and luxurious shower that are pretty dang impressive. It’s like the ultimate hotel room.

Take a peek with a screenshot tour below. Click on any of the images to bring up the full-size versions:

Go on. Check out the place in person! Special thanks to Ebonrose, of course, as well as Milyssa and The Artisan’s Guild for helping bring dimensions like Moonshade Cove to the forefront.

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