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dendrome pts preview intro

If you’ve been checking out Dendrome on the Public Test Shard (PTS), Trion will be holding a special Stronghold test later today (4 PM PST) that will be a stress test as well as the perfect chance to check out both level 60 and 62 Strongholds in a raid-type environment. Strongholds are one of the new forms of dynamic content that will be debuting in RIFT 2.3 and are similar to onslaughts and hunt rifts, but designed with group play in mind. Here’s the announcement and all the details:

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Time: Wednesday June 5th at 4PM (PST)

We’d like to do some stress testing of strongholds in the Dendrome before 2.3 goes live and would appreciate any time you can spare to help us out.

Meet on PTS at the above time and we’ll get a raid going. We’ll probably start with a level 60 stronghold to test scaling with a large group, and then we’ll tackle some level 62 strongholds.

Feel free to respond to this thread with your feedback and bug reports, and thanks in advance for your time!