Date: Jun 13, 2013  |  Written by Laura Hardgrave  |  Posted Under: Buzz  |  DISQUS With Us: 8 comments
rift swimsuits

Hey, remember the above promotion image Trion used to advertise last year’s Summerfest? That Bahmi dude is pretty, um, unforgettable. A few players requested cosmetic swimsuits after its release and were a little disappointed that the vendors for the event didn’t offer any type of beachwear. If only RIFT had a convenient place for all sorts of optional cosmetic items… Oh, wait– silly me. Now we do, thanks to the Item Store!

Daglar mentioned a subtle hint regarding beachwear (of all things) yesterday:

Originally posted by Daglar (Source)

There is a magical time and place for swimsuits. It is called Summerfest.

I have seen the promised land.

You heard it here, folks. The promised land is the magical land full of bikinis.