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During last Friday’s live stream, Daglar, Elrar, and Simon answered a whole bunch of questions from the RIFT community while we waited for our North American shards to come back online after a bit of necessary reshuffling. The trio gave away a few, fun hints:

  • We might be seeing the arrival of RIFT 2.4‘s raids on the PTS in two weeks or so.
  • Daglar mentioned that the team realizes how much the current souls favor 61-point specs and how much un-fun that can be. Both of our class devs are working on ensuring the souls can hybridize with other souls better.
  • Remember those new souls we heard about a while ago that will be presumably coming in 3.0? Mage tanks sound like an almost certainty!
  • And possibly… Warrior healers? Possibly (if you’ll remember, he also mentioned healing Rogues in a previous live stream).
  • Trion is trying to add a little more interaction to dimensions and make them more than pretty places to look at.

PvP was also brought up a few times during the live stream. While the development team does seem to be working on a new Warfront, Daglar reiterated that arenas will not be added to RIFT. He summed up his feelings about 2-faction PvP in RIFT in a recent forum post. He also talked a bit about his own personal feelings regarding developing for PvP content in general.

Speaking of developing PvP content, in that very same thread, Daglar also took a bit of time on a Sunday to ask the PvP community about what type of new Warfront modes they’d like to see based off the ones already in-game. He then went and started personally working on making them a reality. These modes will be permanent and not just limited to a weekend or event. The two currently in progress are:

Black Garden 10 vs 10 – Domination 2 control points. (Codex Ruleset)
Karthan Ridge – Domination Edition (Codex Ruleset)

The PvP community has been hoping for something new for quite a while now. Luckily, Daglar does seem to be listening.

  • Ryxka

    I would just like a simple capture the flag map. with an ally base, enemy base, flag for each side and the valley or what not in the middle.

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