Date: Jul 19, 2013  |  Written by Laura Hardgrave  |  Posted Under: Buzz, News  |  DISQUS With Us: 16 comments

rhino tempest bay

This year’s Summerfest– RIFT‘s summer event full of fishing, plenty of fun rewards, corgis, and scavenger hunts– has been previewing on the PTS this week, and while we haven’t seen all of the new rewards added for this year, we have seen some of the new content that’s being added. We’ll be meeting some new NPCs in Tempest Bay that offer dailies and the Brevane/Dusken scavenger hunts. All of last year’s scavenger hunts, achievements, and rewards will be returning along with two new sets of scavenger hunts for both Brevane and Dusken. And guess who delivers the quests for the scavenger hunts? A cosmic rhinoceros! Every summer vacation needs a cosmic rhinoceros, right? Sure. We’ll go with it.

Tacitus announced yesterday that Summerfest should move to live shards next week– on July 25th. Get ready to break out the beachwear, as we’ll be seeing swimwear this year! Unfortunately, we won’t be able to preview all of the new rewards on the PTS before they reach live shards, but stay tuned for our updated version of our Summerfest guide for information on this year’s new rhino-sized scavenger hunts.

  • Jason Howard Darbe

    Woot cant wait to sport some swimwear