Date: Aug 26, 2013  |  Written by Laura Hardgrave  |  Posted Under: Article  |  DISQUS With Us: 13 comments

new pts consumables title

Late last week there was an update to the Public Test Shard (PTS), and during this update we saw a couple of new items pop up in the RIFT Store. They’re all consumable items that only have Credit costs. Among the new consumables is a portable auction house with 3 charges, a vial that tracks artifact locations on the mini-map for a limited amount of time, and a consumable item that lets you instantly mount for half an hour. Definitely an interesting choice of items. “What’s the catch?” you ask? Keep reading and take a look at our preview.

Note: As always, all information on the PTS, including prices, is subject to change at any time.


Artifact Hunter’s Tracking Vial and Twisted Artifact Hunter’s Tracking Vial

These are fairly self-explanatory. Check the title image for the tooltip of the non-Twisted version. These one-time-use consumables last a mere 15 minutes, last through death, and let you see artifacts on your mini-map within a certain range. The Twisted version works on Twisted artifacts naturally. Both will set you back 432 Credits apiece.

These vials are a nifty idea. Unfortunately, their nifty-ness kind of fades when you realize that they’re 432 Credits for 15 minutes. That’s quite a large chunk of Credits for such a limited time.


Spring Loaded Pow Kickers

spring loaded pow kickers

Couldn’t resist bringing the Pow to RIFT, could ya, Trion? Well, can’t say we blame you. It is fun to run them over. Anyways, this one-time-use consumable will let you instantly mount for a half-hour, lasts through death, and also costs 432 Credits.

Now, this is an interesting one for sure. Some players are afraid of how these will work in PvP Warfronts while others simply think the cost, again, is too high for an item you use once. It’s almost a shame Trion didn’t add a gadget you can purchase for a much higher amount that makes this effect permanent.


Portable Auctioneer

portable auctioneer

This item comes with 3 charges and allows you to summon an Auction House NPC anywhere. It has a 1 minute cooldown and costs 675 Credits.

The auctioneer seems a little more cost-effective since it has multiple charges, at least, but it still seems fairly high-priced.


Oh, and this is a random tidbit, but look– there’s a new line at the top of our Notoriety UI frame:


Are the prices on these consumables too high? Perhaps, but it seems Trion intends for these items to be not quite commonplace. Daglar made a brief appearance in one of the forum threads where the community was discussing these new items, and he maintained that, “Not every good or service is going to be applicable to all users. Some services are luxuries and a percentage of the population will choose to have them.”

What do you folks think?

  • Samuel Serafim

    I dont like temporary itens. Its ok for Artifacts, but no for others.

  • Issachaar

    Eh, I think the pow kickers is probably a step too far in the pay to win direction which otherwise Trion has very skillfully managed to avoid

    • Darkthunder

      Yeah, because mounting instantly in a Warfront will certainly automatically make you win. /sarcasm

  • SparoHawk

    No, no, no, no, NO! To hell with the Artifact Hunter’s Tracking Vial. What’s the point of having artifacts at all then? As I see it they are a way of adventuring and getting to know a maps terrain, and have fun doing it. I don’t care about the others coming into the store, but I don’t want the Artifact Hunter’s Tracking Vial to make it into the game. Aren’t people lazy enough as it is already?

  • Jeff Mauney

    Portable Auctioneer is a pure luxury item, though it might allow market hawks to outbid in near real time. It’s a pretty steep price to do so, however, so I don’t see it becoming a problem.

    The kickers are just silly, as the only time I can see them being even a little useful is during zone events, allowing you to reach the next fight three entire seconds earlier than everyone else. No big deal.

    The artifact hunting potion, however, is problematic. It will immediately and adversely affect the prices of artifacts on the auction house, and it will allow people to do so with real money. That is pushing really hard towards pay-to-win, as collecting is one of the most popular non-combat activities. Then again, the Autumn Harvest event is like a non-stop loot fest of artifacts, so the prices are about to plummet anyway…