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glowing ruby ki run title

Remember the Glowing Ruby Ki Rin? How about the Shadow Hellbug or the Glowing Emerald Ki Rin? If you happened to be online when these limited time only items were available in the RIFT Store, you may have picked them up or knew someone who did. If you happened to not be online for those PST-based four hours, you were out of luck (unless you bought them from someone). Trion kind of went bananas for a couple weeks with the limited time only sales. Those sales seem to have quieted down for the moment, but despite Trion’s best intentions of allowing players to access unique, special goodies, there was one little thing the team forgot about– time zones.

While the RIFT Store is still one of the better F2P in-game cash shops around, there are some definite issues with RIFT’s cash store and with limited time sales such as these. Interested in digging a little deeper and reading some thoughts on these limited time sales and other issues regarding the the RIFT Store? Head on over to Junkies Nation and take a peek at our newest opinion column: The Cash Shop Critic. This entry’s all about the limited time RIFT sales.

  • Dodge Howell

    Coming from LOTRO to RIFT I have to say that in general I really like the direction that Trion has gone with the cash shop. They’re mostly “boosts” and cosmetics. Sure, there are a few services or “must haves” like souls that newer players might desire, but in comparison to other companies who seem to be “nickel and diming” everyone, RIFT is a breath of fresh air.

    That being said it is annoying that these limited time sales are held at “PST friendly” times. Heck, I didn’t even know about them most of the times. I understand they’re experimenting and might want to do so during their work hours, but I hope they realize that they’re only sampling a small portion of the population. Those of us in EST (such as my opinionated self) might have different spending habits. Not to mention those who live outside of the US. I think if they really want to take a true sampling they’ll a) try different times of the day and b) do a better job of promoting them on Twitter, Facebook, email, and other channels. You always tend to sell more of a product when you tell as many people as possible about it.

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  • likalaruku

    I took a break from RIFT to keep it fresh & got back just in time to miss out on the cute squirrel mounts. A giant scorpion mount would be pretty cool….

    Same time zone as Trion, but I function on nocturnal hours.