Rift Junkies is a fan site dedicated to the MMORPG Rift: Planes of Telara, formally Heroes of Telara, by Trion. This site has been created with the intent to support the Rift community as a whole. In doing so we hope to provide up-to-date coverage about anything going on with the game; this will include News, Media, Community Updates, Opinionated Blogs, Guides, and other events such as contests and polls. Additionally we have created our own forum that we invite everyone to discuss anything about Rift. This may include theory crafting, strategies, debating news topics and, or lore.

Rift Junkies was created by two partners, Teljair and Draegan. Both have been successful at creating fansites in the past such as WAAAGHHammer.com and AOCmmo.com. The most successful of all has been the all purpose MMORPG Media site, Rerollz.com. With the building excitement for Rift: Planes of Telara, both Draegan and Teljair have decided to create something new.

Welcome to Rift Junkies.

Jason Dodge, Co-Founder (Draegan@Riftjunkies.com)
Director of Content and Senior Editor
Senior Director of Marketing and Public Relations

Ryan Raplee, Co-Founder (Teljair@Riftjunkies.com)
Director of Information Technology
Senior Director of Marketing and Public Relations

Rift Junkies Staff Contributors
Verb – Rift Junkies Combat Parser
IndigoStorm – Forum Community Leader and Moderator
Drew Caldwell – Graphic Artist and Designer

Contact Us
If you wish to contact Rift Junkies please send all emails to either Draegan@Riftjunkies.com or Teljair@Riftjunkies.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.