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61 inquisitor guide header

Inquisitor is arguably one of the most solid, all-around souls in the game. It can be used in every aspect of the game and perform outstandingly. Whether you’re looking for a decent leveling build to quickly slice through mobs, mash out some serious numbers on the damage meters in endgame raids, dominate Warfronts with fast, hard-hitting bolts or go back and solo old content, Inquisitor has tools for every job! In this guide, I’m going to be showing you how to get the most out of Inquisitor in almost every scenario.

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EQNJunkies Welcom

We are please to announce our latest arm of the Junkies Nation Network: EQNext Junkies! It has been our long tradition to launch and cover the latest and greatest MMORPGs coming out on the internet. It’s been a long while in coming, but it’s finally here. We are dedicated to bring you the latest news, opinion, guides, community coverage when it comes to Everquest Next.

Everquest Next is the next installment of the MMORPG that started it all fourteen years ago. From the origins of hardcore online gaming to this new iteration, EQNext promises to show us something new. EQNext’s design has been scrapped twice to it’s final form that has been decried the anti-themepark. EQ Next will bring promises of sandbox and emergent gameplay, what that means, we don’t know but all will be revealed at SOE’s Fanfaire on August 2nd.

SOE has been very tightlipped when it comes to information, but that hasn’t stopped speculation based on a myriad of Smedley tweets. The most ardent fans have come to believe that this game will bring together EVE-like gampelay mixed with the dungeon delving game of yester-year. Is the internet ready for EVE with fireballs and elves?

Stay tuned at EQN Junkies for all the latest rumors and news on Everquest Next!

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S01E22 title screen

This week we sit down with Mark Jacobs and discuss his Kickstarter project: Camelot Unchained. Our conversation ranges from what to expect in the game to going over his founding principles and getting to the bottom of what he wants his game to become. Camelot Unchained looks to bring old school RVR/PVP ideals to a modern game. While not shooting for a AAA game created to support millions of players; Mark Jacobs hopes to fashion a game for RVR players only. Not sacrificing design to make everyone happy, Camelot Unchained hopes to bring RVR to its niche market.

Keep reading to watch the interview.

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We are pleased to announce the latest addition to the Junkies Nation Network: Final Fantasy XIV Junkies! In our long-standing tradition of launching and covering the latest and greatest MMORPGs, we bring to you what we hope will be the cornerstone of the FFXIV news and guide community! We will tirelessly dedicate ourselves to bringing you the latest in news, guides, articles and community coverage; when it comes to Final Fantasy XIV info, look no further!

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will be nothing less than a crowning jewel in the MMORPG-scape. Featuring an all-new world designed from the ground up, Square-Enix has over looked nothing in the rerelease of this flagship installment of its Final Fantasy franchise. From it’s new and robust combat system, to it’s chocobo breeding system and player housing; FFXIV:ARR will have something for everyone.

A new world filled with Moogles, magic, chocobos and Magitek armor await you and we here at FFXIV Junkies will be there every step of the way with you. Be it exploring the depths of the deepest dungeons, taking down Ifrit or just decorating your player housing, we’ll be here with all the latest news and information in this realm reborn.

So please, be sure to bookmark us and follow us on twitter!

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S01E21 Title Screen

Watch Draegan and Clementine go at it as they discuss the PVP news of the week across multiple MMORPGs. This week we discuss Camelot Unchained and if it will meet it’s goals and why CU is worth watching. We also touch upon TESO, Wildstar’s Warplots and what makes them interesting to us.

Keep your eyes here for all future MMORPG PVP news on GUILDCENTER. Hit continue reading to watch this week’s episode.

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S01E20 Title Screen

Catch up this week as we have a roundtable discussion with Ridculy of Knights of the Temple, Slade of Lords of the Dead and Jonalynne of Herfolge Boldklub (say that 10x fast).

Is WvW ranks creating too many zergs? Is there less incentive to play the game now as it was intended?

We talk about SABs, Wildstar, TESO and the future of PVP in the MMORPG genre.

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S01E19 Title Screen

This week we talk with Fable from PRX on why PRX is leaving GW2. We get into the nitty gritty about what Arenanet is lacking in the WvW realm of things. We also hint a bit about Archeage and Wildstar!

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S01E17 Title Screen

This week we have some fun discussing some post drama shenanigans with Aneu, GM of VotF and AGM Evoex of LotD. Along with our discussion about the ascendance of Blackgate and the downfall of Sea of Sorrows we discuss the future of the game and touch a little on ArcheAge.

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Reopening the Rift

One of the problems with diving back into the world of Telara on an alt or completely new character is the fact that, well, RIFT’s quests aren’t always that exciting. Sure, some of the quest chains are awesome. Some entire maps are awesome. I’m a huge fan of Gloamwood and Iron Pine Peaks, for example. Other maps, for me, prove a little more difficult to muddle through the second or third time around (Scarwood Reach and Scarlet Gorge, I’m looking at you). I don’t know what it is about the 30-40 leveling hurdle, but for some reason, my alts always get stuck there.

I don’t think I’m the only one with similar leveling hurdles, either, because many new players that are trying out RIFT for the first time find themselves a little underwhelmed at around the same levels. Trion was pretty quick to notice one of the glaring issues at these levels and have since changed the entire look of Scarwood Reach. The lush, green surroundings are a huge improvement, believe me, but there’s still… something off about the 30-40 level range.

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Some cryptic Trion staff member posts have surfaced on the official RIFT forums this past week. A staff member by the forum name 3 3228466 787 is the main culprit, with posts that are intentionally cryptic, containing poetry, numerical codes, random pictures, and phrases. Fans of the game and forums have banded together in an attempt to muddle through the confusing posts, and figure out what the heck the folks at Trion are up to.

What do we know so far? Here is a summary of the posts, findings, possible theories, and reactions so far. I’ll try and keep this post updated with the latest information, so if you know of any new details, feel free to drop me a line. Special thanks to the awesome people on the official forums who helped come up with this information. It’s all interesting stuff!

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