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under siege

After today’s hotfix went through, players started noticing some extra special rewards popping up when taking part in zone evnts in Silverwood and Freemarch. It seems that our two low-level zones outside the main cities are under siege by the planes themselves– even more so than usual. Trion announced that this temporary planar onslaught would be starting tomorrow, but it seems our elemental friends (okay, not-so-friendly friends) have decided to swing by a day early.

This mini-siege event will last until July 2nd and grant bonus level-appropriate planar currency when players are at the correct level for the content. This means that higher level player can also take part and gain Empyreal Sourcestones and the like, but must mentor down in order to receive this extra currency. There are also some pretty cool RIFT Store items temporarily appearing as random rewards for helping push back the planar forces:

  • Sapphire Ki Rin Mount
  • Defiant Crest Cape
  • Guardian Crest Cape
  • Twilight Jester Hat
  • Crimson Gothic Hat
  • Lesser Experience Vial
  • Lesser Token Tablet
  • Riot Torch

Check out the official announcement for more information. Now, get out there and do some slaying!

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credits title

When Trion first announced the special bonus players will receive when RIFT 2.3 debuts on live shards for purchasing Credits on the PTS in order to help the team test the store and its goods, we were told the bonus would be between 50% and 100%. Last Friday, Daglar had an exact figure for the community– and that figure’s fairly impressive. All purchases made in the PTS Item Store will grant players with a full Credit refund this Wednesday as well as an additional 100% bonus. This means that for any Credits spent, you’ll receive double that amount in return to spend on our live shards. That’s a pretty nice incentive.

Originally posted by Daglar (Source)

We’ve just got some extra help from our platform team, and we are clearing up the ambiguity here. We have a way now to give exactly double the number of spent credits back when we go live.

The reason it was vague before is we could not guarantee exact amounts – now we can.

Remember, this is for SPENT credits folks!

As Daglar mentions, make sure to not only purchase the Credits, but to spend them on the PTS in order to be eligible to receive this bonus. Any Credits that are unspent will remain on your account, but will not receive a bonus.

Later in the day, Elrar also reminded players that the Player Test Shard will be locked and brought offline at around 10 AM PST Tuesday, June 11th in order for RIFT 2.3 patch preparations. If you’re looking to take advantage of this bonus, make sure to do so before that time.

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moar bonuses

In a recent Trion live stream, Daglar mentioned a bonus that Patrons will be getting every week after the switch to free-to-play by simply logging into RIFT. Details were revealed about this weekly bonus earlier today, along with the details about a new daily bonus that both Patrons and non-Patrons will be able to earn. The daily bonus varies slightly between Patrons and non-Patrons. Here’s the announcement:

Originally posted by Daglar (Source)

As you know, I don’t like to advertise things before they are in full swing and nearing completion. As of today, it looks like one of our additional benefits is in that state.

We are offering a daily login bonus to both patrons and non patrons. And a weekly login bonus for Patrons only.

This bonus is claimed on the home screen and contains a variety of goodies. IMPORTANT: This is only claimable on one character per day or week as appropriate – so choose wisely. The chest is also bind on Account so you can trade it between different characters on the account!

Daily Bonus – Non Patron
100% chance at a random artifact. The maximum rarity of the artifact is based on your loyalty level. There is a low chance at receiving a premium item from our boosts and services section or bonus currency. The chances scale based on your loyalty level.

Daily Bonus – Patron
Same as above except that the chances are higher at premium items, and you have a chance to get additional items that give you bonus loyalty. The values for currency awarded are also higher.

Weekly Bonus – Patron Only
100% chance at an artifact. 100% chance to receive a chest key. Higher chance and value of weekly bonus currency or premium items. And more chances at bonus loyalty.

Daglar also mentioned later in the thread that the bonuses were tied to the game’s actual data center, which means that these bonuses can only be earned once per day/week even if a player has multiple accounts and characters across different shards.

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pelladane end

In one last hurrah before RIFT‘s big conversion to free-to-play on June 12th, Elrar announced yesterday on the forums that until June 12th, RIFT will be free-to-play for everyone who owns the game. This is a continuation of last weekend’s event designed to give previous players of RIFT a chance to check out the expansion and the current state of the game.

Originally posted by Elrar (Source)

Since you asked so nicely, I guess we could!

Consider it done. RIFT is now FREE to Play for all owners – everyone else can enjoy RIFT Free-to-Play when it launches with RIFT 2.3: Empyreal Assault next week, June 12!

Similar to last weekend, returning players will have access to all Storm Legion content except for the four new souls.

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item store front page

If you haven’t checked out the Player Test Shard and the preview of RIFT‘s free-to-play Item Store yet, now’s a pretty good time to do so. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even purchase Credits to check out the goods yourself. By purchasing Credits now, you’ll also gain all of the Credits back plus an additional 50-100% Credit bonus when the F2P system moves to our live shards on June 12th. Here’s the official announcement:

First – this test is entirely optional, we welcome anyone to help but don’t feel like you HAVE to use the store. You’ll have plenty of time to check it out too – this test will run all the way to June 11, that’s the day before Free-to-Play Launches.

Now, about the test!

At 5:00PM Pacific Time (12:00AM GMT) today, 5/31 we will be enabling purchases on the RIFT Store.

You will be able to purchase Credits and use those Credits to purchase any of the items available on the store. Any credits you SPEND will be reimbursed to your RIFT Store Wallet on June 12 with an additional 50-100% BONUS credits.

Credits that are not spent will remain in your Wallet & can be used on live after the release of RIFT Free-to-Play.

The Details:

  • To access the in-game store press the shopping cart button on the menu bar or press ‘]’ (default)
  • The actual bonus amount will be at least 50% – up to 100% depending on the amount of Credits you spend.
  • This means you will be reimbursed 150-200% of your total Credits spent on June 12.
  • The items you purchase on PTS are not transferable – that’s why we’re giving you the Reimbursement + Bonus!
  • You must have a valid form of payment associated with your account. If you’re currently a subscriber who uses a credit/debit card, PayPal or another offered payment service you’re good to go!
  • PTS is being updated & will remain locked until we’re ready to begin testing the RIFT Store
  • Currently, REX is not available for sale during this test

Thanks for your help – please feel free to post any questions or feedback below & learn more about RIFT Free-to-Play @!

Currently the system is having issues with players purchasing Credits out of the U.S. Check out this thread for more information and a status update on any and all issues.

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f2p free preview weekend title

Earlier in the week, Trion announced that this coming weekend– May 30th to June 3rd– will be free for returning players to check out RIFT again and see the current state of the game for themselves before its big move to free-to-play on June 12th. The announcement came to us through Twitter, interestingly enough, and was instated yesterday evening– a little earlier than projected.

Returning players will have access to all Storm Legion content except for the four new souls. If you have any friends curious about giving F2P RIFT a try who haven’t played in quite some time, now’s a great chance to get them in on the action.

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RJ News

In an announcement put out in a press release, Rift will go free to play starting June 12, 2013.


Trion Responds to Community Demand;
Trion’s Proven MTX Engine to Power Free-to-Play RIFT

Redwood Shores, CA (May 14, 2013) - RIFT®, the award-winning online game from Trion Worlds, will adopt a free-to-play business model starting June 12, 2013. Players will be able to experience the entire game world; every dungeon, every zone, and every level and get full access to all current and future game updates.

“We have been listening to feedback from our players and watching the continuously developing MMO community, and are now ready to launch RIFT as a premium free-to-play experience,” said Bill Fisher, Creative Director of RIFT. “After taking our time and planning a careful transition; we are very excited to bring an enhanced game experience to everyone, without barriers.”

All players will be able to explore the entire world of Telara for free and will have access to the expanded in-game RIFT Store where a variety of services–mounts, boosts, wardrobe items, and more–will be available for purchase. An optional subscription will still be available that grants a slew of “Patron” benefits and bonuses to maximize the RIFT experience. Trion will celebrate its current and previous subscribers with loyalty and currency rewards for their time spent playing RIFT thus far.

“As a gamer’s game, a super fun and fair experience is of the utmost importance to us,” said Fisher. “Players will have the opportunity to buy customizations and boosts to heighten their play experience; however the best gear in the game will always have to be earned through playing RIFT.”

RIFT free-to-play kicks off with massive content update 2.3, Empyreal Assault, which will open up an unforgettable new zone, world event, chronicle and much more. Empyreal Assault launches on June 12th, 2013 for all Ascended of Telara.

For full details on RIFT F2P visit:

Does this change your opinion of RIFT? Will this make you stop playing or start again? What does the community think?

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Remember a couple weeks ago when Elrar showed off this little yellow guy during Trion’s weekly live stream? Raptr’s making his debut leap onto our RIFT shards today with the addition of a handful of new Raptr rewards.

What is Raptr, you ask? Raptr is this nifty gaming site and software that’s free and can be used to connect with other gamers, share screenshots, news, etc., and track your gaming time. Raptr often pairs up with game companies like Trion to give away in-game goodies and promotions as a reward for being a member.

For the Raptr pet, you’ll need to have an Elite Raptr rating in RIFT or higher. The good news is that if you’re new to Raptr, you have plenty of time to obtain that rating since this promotion will run from April 23rd to June 11th. Other than the cute yellow guy, Trion and Raptr are offering a new pair of Wardrobe-specific Stone Spaulders and this Storm Legion Arbiter Helm that was also offered at the beginning of the expansion.

Oh, yeah, and there’s also a promotion for a free copy of RIFT and Storm Legion if you’re a little late on picking up the game and/or expansion. For more information, check out Raptr’s information page on this offer as well as Trion’s announcement regarding the promotion. Raptr herd, assemble!

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RJ Dev Tracker

There are some interesting changes and additions coming in 2.3 including a new chronicle. When will we see new souls though? Hints and more hints.

Originally posted by Daglar (Source)

More chronicles are in the works. You should expect one with 2.3.


In response to this question: Even if these new souls are not to be expected within the next weeks, I’m looking forward to that!
Anyway… the one new soul in SL was no reason for Trion to give us another role slot… will the second new soul now finally be reason enough for a few more???
THAT would be nice!

Originally posted by Daglar (Source)


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RJ Dev Tracker

Originally posted by Ailion (Source)

Just a heads up, some Bladedancer and Ranger changes are already up on PTS. Patch notes haven’t been posted yet.

  1. Bladedancer: Dauntless Strike: No longer increases the Critical Hit chance of group members. It now applies a debuff to the target, increasing the target’s chance to be critically hit by 5%.
  2. Bladedancer: Blade Hustle: An additional effect has been added. You now gain Blade Hustle every 3s, increasing the damage of your next Quick Strike or Precision Strike 3-9%. Stacks up to 10 times.
  3. Bladedancer: Disengage: Can now be used anytime. Now on GCD.
  4. Bladedancer: Dancing Steel, Hundred Blades: Now on a 30s cooldown, down from 60s.
  5. Ranger: New ability added to the Blood Raptor. The Blood Raptor can now charge at the enemy, dealing physical damage.
  6. Ranger: Escape Artist: Cooldown has been reduced to 1 min, down from 2 min.
  7. Ranger: Fleeting Instinct: Effect can now be applied both in and out of combat.
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