The Rift Junkies Combat Parser was created to give you a live break down of your combat stats while in-game. This program runs along side the game. You need to install Java prior to running the application.

You must be logged into the Rift Junkies site in order to download the file. It’s an automatic updater.

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For installation instructions, please visit our forums.

Please direct all discussion, questions, suggestions, and support requests to our forums.


  • View stats for everyone, just your group, or just you.
  • Charts of your damage and healing abilities and see which one’s are pulling their weight.
  • Charts of your damage types to help you find your strong points
  • Know who is pulling their weight or compare rotations in-game with the live stats overlay
  • View stats encounter, by encounter, or see where you rank over your entire play session.
  • Output automatically copied to the Windows’ clipboard after each encounter (Trion has told me they do not currently support newline characters in in-game chat so I am working on alternative ways to format the text
  • Entering an instance or raid? Reset your session stats and see how you compare over the entire instance
  • Easy to read output.
  • Sorted Damage and healing statistics.
  • Stats split into Encounter, Session, and Group totals.
  • Parse as you play, or go back and re-parse your old combat logs.
  • Stats on: Damage, DPS, Heals, HPS, healing efficiency, overheals, damage taken, heals received, miss rate, crit rate, % crit damage, % dot damage, block rate, parry/dodge rate and high hit, in addition to the advanced ability and damage type breakdowns.