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marksman rogue dps guide header

This is a guide for the 61 Marksman spec that’s suitable for most types of gameplay in RIFT including leveling, raiding, and all types of endgame group activities. It’s a pure ranged Rogue spec and features fantastic mobility, solid utility, and a rotation that’s fairly simple to learn. It won’t do quite as much DPS as most melee Rogue specs, but as a ranged spec it performs solidly.

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ember isle not lost header

Edit 9/17: MikeD mentioned he’d be changing the minimum level on Ember Isle quests to level 48!

At the height of its existence, Ember Isle was a hoppin’ place. It was the place for farming planar currency for months, and some of the island’s zone events were pretty epic (and lag-inducing). It’s also one of the most gorgeous zones in all of vanilla/chocolate RIFT arguably. Unfortunately, since the arrival of Storm Legion, Ember Isle has been slowly turning into a lost, forgotten island where players may randomly journey to in search of catch-up crafting mats for alts or old achievements, but that’s about it. It’s a bit of a shame, especially considering the size of Ember Isle.

Trion, luckily, doesn’t quite want the island to completely become lost and forgotten. The team is in the process of cooking up some plans for Ember Isle:

Originally posted by MikeD (Source)

We’ve considered a number of ideas for bringing players back to Ember Isle, but as some have pointed out, developing brand new content is usually where want to spend our resources. However, EI is one of my favorite zones as well, and I can promise that there will be some new PvE content here in the future. Additionally, Mayhem events will eventually include EI.

BTW, I will give a high five to anyone who notices something new on Ember Isle on PTS.

Hosting Mayhem events on Ember Isle is definitely a good way to begin breathing life back into the place. What else could you see Trion doing to help bring players back to Ember Isle?

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new pet models 2.4 header

With the most recent update to the public test shard we have seen the introduction of an updated pet model for the Blood Raptor for the Rogue soul ‘Ranger’ and also two new models for both the lesser and greater earth elemental for the Mage soul ‘Elementalist’. The art team has really outdone themselves with these new models– they look absolutely fantastic! They should hopefully be arriving shortly with update 2.4. Keep reading to check out a sneak peek of these incredible models in the images below!

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2.4 preview header

Earlier this week, Rift Junkies got a chance to take part in a special private live stream tour of all the goodies headed our way in RIFT 2.4: Beyond Infinity. First off, let’s get the major news out of the way upfront. Yes, we have a release date for 2.4. It will hit live shards on Wednesday, September 18th. Next week, folks!

Secondly, you probably noticed a note on the official RIFT site about Planebreaker Bastion, one of new 20-man raids coming in 2.4 being unlocked after the launch of the patch. Daglar confirmed this delay on the forums yesterday. We were told during the tour that Planebreaker Bastion will release two weeks after the launch of 2.4. That would push back the raid’s arrival until Wednesday October 2nd, although that date is completely subject to change, of course.

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61 inquisitor guide header

Inquisitor is arguably one of the most solid, all-around souls in the game. It can be used in every aspect of the game and perform outstandingly. Whether you’re looking for a decent leveling build to quickly slice through mobs, mash out some serious numbers on the damage meters in endgame raids, dominate Warfronts with fast, hard-hitting bolts or go back and solo old content, Inquisitor has tools for every job! In this guide, I’m going to be showing you how to get the most out of Inquisitor in almost every scenario.

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RJ Dev Tracker

Thanks to player feedback regarding the Infernal Dawn: Laethys chronicle that recently hit the PTS and is coming to live shards in RIFT 2.4, the Trion dungeon team has decided to add in a Hard Mode button that players can access to face opponents that present more of a challenge. Chronicles are intended for players who are newly-60 or who are just entering Expert dungeons, so having two modes of chronicle difficulties does seem to make a lot of sense, especially as raiders gain better gear. Here’s what krug had to say:

Originally posted by krug (Source)

Thanks for the feedback, everyone – it’s much appreciated. Balancing these chronicles is an interesting prospect, as they’re intended to be fun for everyone, but they can’t really be balanced for everyone. Infernal Dawn: Laethys is meant to be a little harder than Queen’s Gambit, but the challenge level is really for people gearing up into dungeons and maybe expert dungeons.

That said, as an experiment, I’ve added a Hard Mode button near the Communicator by Maklamos which will increase his difficulty and provide some remuneration. This should show up in the next update. If you get a chance, play through, and let me know what you think.

If the experiment goes well, we could potentially see Hard Modes for more chronicles and encounters in chronicles. Is this something the game needs, you think, or would we be better off with more difficult chronicles overall or a reevaluation of chronicle rewards in general?

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reaper mount title

Yesterday’s live stream featured Daglar and Simon and offered quite a bit of insight into what’s coming up in 2.4 and beyond. They also mentioned that Instant Adventure is now cross-shard, but that tidbit was missing from Wednesday’s patch notes. So for those of you who missed it or do not have the time to watch the live stream, here is a quick recap of what we found out:


  • New crafting recipes which will drop from expert dungeons.
  • Performance improvements for players on low-end computers. Players playing on high-end computer will eventually get improvements, but they want to focus first on the low end to make the game more accessible.
  • You will be able to re-size the RIFT Store via settings.
  • Pixel Granularity Graphics Option in the form of a sliding bar. You can sacrifice visual quality to get improved framerate.
  • An beta version of a colorblind option will be appearing. Everything has not been properly adjusted, but it’s a start for allowing the game to cater towards colorblind players.
  • All Frozen Eclipse Stones will be converted to Empyreal Slayers Marks and the new 2.4 raids will both drop Frozen Eclipse Stones. With this change, the current T1 raid gear will be purchasable with Empyreal Slayers Marks.
  • Rank 90 will be added with 2.4. With PvP, there is no plan to do any sort of marks conversion. Prestige and Favor vials will work on the journey from rank 80-90.
  • You will no longer be able to select an individual faction in Conquest. You’ll only be able to enter using the new join random button.
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Laethys chronicle header

Earlier in the week we saw the appearance of a new chronicle on the public test shard known as “Infernal Dawn: Laethys”. This chronicle takes place in an alternate reality where Laethys, more commonly known as the dragon of earth, was never defeated (same reality Voodoo are in perhaps?). Unopposed, she has now grown in power and seeks the means to tear down the sliver barrier and cross over into our reality to invade an unsuspecting Telara. This chronicle is marked as a duo chronicle and is intended for two players, however at the moment it is possible for a single player to solo it.

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new cosmetic rift store items

In a recent update to the Public Test Shard (PTS), there are a whole lot of new goodies to explore. Most of these updates and items will be added during RIFT 2.4, which is due out sometime this month. Among the new goodies, there’s a new Chronicle to test based off Infernal Dawn, new PvP ranks (rank 90) and PvP gear, the RIFT Store Trophies section, a random Conquest queue, new seals that add +89 base stats, new synergy crystals, new crafting reagents, a hint of a squirrel mount (!!!), and more.

We’ll be covering most of this in greater detail later in the day, but for now, let’s take a look at one addition we didn’t mention above that should make quite a few players happy– the addition of three new RIFT Store cosmetic character unlocks: Extended Hair Style Set, Hair Color Set Bundle, and Skin Color Set Bundle.

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infinity gate live stream header

In yesterday’s special Trion live stream, dahanese and OverloadUT showed off Infinity Gate, which is one of the brand new 20-man T2 raids coming to RIFT 2.4. They were joined by the guild Legit as well as Cyzo and Halvon from the dungeon development team who answered a few questions and even talked briefly about the strategies needed for beating the encounters.

Infinity Gate only has three encounters. It’s meant to be a fairly quick raid and is the easier of the two raids being added. The entire raid takes place in the central little area in front of the actual Infinity Gate. Trash will pop out and needs to be killed, then bosses will pop out and need to be killed. The first two encounters, Breaker X-1 and the Brothers of Life and Death, are tuned for groups who have killed a couple bosses in Grim Awakening (who meet the hit/toughness requirements of T2 raids, essentially). The third boss, Volan, is quite a bit more difficult.

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