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patron subscription sale header

Trion announced a new sale to help players gain more RIFT bonuses for their buck yesterday, and nope, it isn’t a sale on Credits. Rather, it’s a sale on Patron subscriptions. The three-month, six-month, and one-year subscription plans are all currently on sale. From the looks of it, the sale will run through the whole month of September.

The best deal, of course, is the one-year subscription plan, which has been brought down to $99 from its original price of just under $120. It’s a great deal if you’re looking to extend your Patron subscription or start one fresh. If you’re already a Patron subscriber, you can even upgrade your account to the sale price and have it automatically shift to that new price once your current subscription time runs out.

Check out the official announcement for more information regarding the sale and all the Patron subscriber goodies.

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RJ Patch Notes

In this week’s hotfix we see AoE damage lowered for a significant amount of bosses in Frozen Tempest, Endless Eclipse and Grim Awakening. Now, before you grab your pitchforks and start shouting “Content nerfs! Trion are catering the game towards casuals!”, be aware that these changes have most likely been made because of the recent Purifier changes, meaning that the entire raid can no longer have a 15-20k shield. When this content was originally created, it was tuned around everyone being almost constantly shielded.

Since the Purifier changes, the main change being that now only a maximum of 3 people can be shielded at any time, this caused a lot of the fights to be considerably more challenging than originally intended and in certain scenarios have ‘almost’ unavoidable one-shot deaths. Think of it as more of a ”These fights have been adjusted to the difficulty originally intended” change than a ”Trion is catering the game towards casuals” change.

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61 druid guide header

Hello and welcome. This guide will quickly guide you through the 61 Druid spec, outlining strengths and weaknesses, talking you through the rotation, and also providing you with some protips to maximize your damage output with this spec.

If you dislike reading, a video guide can be found here:

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It’s been long in the making, but it’s finally here! Welcome to Junkies Nation!

The Junkies Nation Network is a collective of veteran gamers with the goal to provide you with not only the best gaming knowledge, but to bring you the latest in technology, TV, movies, comics – all forms of internet geekdom! Junkies Nation started years ago with a single site called Rift Junkies. From there we have expanded our coverage to all major AAA MMORPGs that have been released since then. As our Network grew, we realized that we needed to stretch our legs and begin to cover but every single aspect of geeks, nerds and internet bros. Because of this, was created.

Currently, we have multiple dedicated fansites covering MMORPGs from RIFT to Final Fantasy XIV that are run, not by us, but by gaming fanatics just like you that have become Site Operators. However, there’s more. A cornerstone community that grew from the Fires of Heaven guild came to a close in 2012 rather abruptly, but Junkies Nation took up the reins and kept the community alive at Many of the people that you will read articles from on Junkies Nation have come from this veteran community. Junkies Nation would not be where it is today without this amazing community.

From day one, we are dedicated to bringing you the most interesting rumors, tips, news and more from across the entertainment industry – TV, Games, Comics and Movies. As always, our central focus will always be Online Gaming.

Check us out at! Keep an eye out for contests for all sorts of movie tickets, gaming hardware, and more!
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celebration bonus weekend

While members of the Trion community team are enjoying the weekend at PAX Prime, we’ll be able to celebrate a bit at home as well. Aside from the special live streams taking place, RIFT players will be receiving special celebration bonuses in-game that will last throughout the weekend and even into next week. These bonuses are also Trion’s way of apologizing for the recent lag we’ve been experiencing. Here are the bonuses:

in game bonuses

Keep in mind that even though the in-game message says the bonuses are for subscribers, that message simply hasn’t been updated since the free-to-play conversion. This weekend’s bonuses apply to all RIFT players.

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planebreaker bastion achieves title

In a recent update on the Public Test Shard (PTS), Trion made an early list of the Planebreaker Bastion achievements available for players to take a look at. Planebreaker Bastion, just in case you haven’t quite kept up with the times, is one of two new 20-man raids coming in RIFT 2.4. It’s going to be the tougher of the two raids and will feature five Earth plane-themed boss encounters. We’ve seen an early datamined map of Planebreaker Bastion and a super-early list of achievements, but this is the first time we’ve seen a list that looks nearly-finished.

Keep reading to take a look. As always, all information taken from the PTS is subject to change at any time.

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tempest bay barber

Twitter can sometimes be useful. It’s useful for finding out random hints regarding nifty features being added to RIFT in 2.4, for example. Like new hair colors! Yesterday evening Trion sent out this tweet that tossed out a pretty big hint pointing to new hair colors being added, including these two colors which look all kinds of fiery and bright:

new hair colors

Nice! Now the real question– is there a neon green to match?

We haven’t been told an exact date for the release of 2.4 yet, but Trion is still aiming for the update to hit live shards sometime in September.

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RJ Patch Notes

* Fixed an exploit with Ascend-a-Friend summons.
* PVP Auto Flag is now disabled by default.

* New Boosts are now available in the Boosts section of the store:
* Artifact Tracking
* Artifact Hunter’s Tracking Vials
* Twisted Artifact Hunter’s Tracking Vial
* Mounting Speed Reduction
* Spring Loaded Pow Kickers
* Portable Auctioneer is now available in the Services category.

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RJ Dev Tracker

There’s no doubting the fact that Instant Adventures (IAs) can be great for leveling. With a good group, the Exp just kind of rolls in. The problem, unfortunately, is that without a decent group (or with a whole bunch of AFKers), they can sometimes be a pain to try and complete. This is especially the case during off-peak hours on lower population shards. There’s also the issue, of course, that all leveling zones still don’t have IAs, which lowers the amount of variety available.

What’s the solution? Well, Trion wants to improve on the overall Instant Adventure system for sure, but they also realize that making IAs cross-shard would go a long way to fixing the issue of IAs not being ran in certain zones. This would also give them reasons to expand on the IA system in general since they will inevitably become more popular. Here’s what Tacitus had to say:

Originally posted by Tacitus (Source)

That said, we have been looking at cross-shard IA. Not sure where it is in the pipeline, but certainly more likely to see that soon rather than an overhaul of the larger IA system. Cross-shard IA is good not just for mitigation of the current problems, but also because it allows friends on different servers to actually play together, something we advocate and try to support as we are able, making it an actual improvement of the system no matter what we do with IA in the future.

In other recent news, Daglar also tossed out a hint regarding an update this week that will lower the plat cost of dimensions!

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new pts consumables title

Late last week there was an update to the Public Test Shard (PTS), and during this update we saw a couple of new items pop up in the RIFT Store. They’re all consumable items that only have Credit costs. Among the new consumables is a portable auction house with 3 charges, a vial that tracks artifact locations on the mini-map for a limited amount of time, and a consumable item that lets you instantly mount for half an hour. Definitely an interesting choice of items. “What’s the catch?” you ask? Keep reading and take a look at our preview.

Note: As always, all information on the PTS, including prices, is subject to change at any time.

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