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Newbie Rogue Guide

The purpose of this guide is to assist new players of Rift with making the decision as to what souls you should take in the first twenty levels and potentially beyond. Originally, in the first two Beta Events, you were only able to select from three of the eight souls initially. After you progressed through the newbie sequence you were able to select one out of the full eight, and then finally in the culmination of the first world zone, you picked your third soul. This is no longer the case according to Scott Hartsman.

Now we will have access to all the souls initially and more of them. Not only that we will have access to more soul points. Because of this, you will not see any point allocation advice in this guide as we do not know when and how many points we are getting. As many know, not all souls are created equal, and not all of them are balanced yet! So hopefully reading this guide will help players select which souls are the best for soloing content right from the onset so people will not become frustrated by picking unfriendly souls and forced to reroll.

Please remember that all the following information is based off of Beta 2 and may not be 100% accurate for Beta 3.

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Post Christmas Updates: Videos! Here are some user created Realm of the Fae videos from the Beta 2 Event. Enjoy!

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Here’s the introduction movie to Rift.

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ZAM discusses Beta 2 with Scott Hartsman.

ZAM: Awesome! I read your beta wrap-up post and I was wondering if there’s anything else that your team has taken away from both Beta 1 and 2 that you’d like to share?

Hartsman: It’s really amazing to me that we get time to focus on the gameplay right now instead of sitting around panicking that we may be having server problems and that we can’t advance gameplay or react to the feedback that we need to. We’re able to use this time the way it should be used, which is to listen to how people are reacting and then dive into the backside server data to find out who is advancing how fast, how does the server economy look, and actually pay attention to gameplay stuff instead of scalability fires. Since we are in a situation like that, we are able to deal with all kinds of stuff.

The stuff that I called out in the post is just some of the fixes we have planned. Because we don’t have to put out fires, we actually had designers sitting on beta servers watching chat from people and implementing fixes for the bugs that players were finding as they brought them up. So it’s really about seeing what other annoyances can we get rid of, what blockers are there and what rough edges can we polish off.

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More talk on the the Beta 2 Rift Event, from

RIFT – Trion Worlds has dropped the NDA on their upcoming MMORPG and we are here to talk! Host: Gary Gannon, Jasmine, Josh Allen.

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Just passing on a cool video for everyone to watch from the Beta 2 event. This one is a large boss encounter from a spawned Rift Invasion in Silverwood. Remember everyone here is level 20 or under!

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Few details on Beta are filtering out. Here is one impression.

From Massively:

RIFT isn’t perfect, and there’s a lot that might feel all-to-familiar, but the rift invasions and the soul system address the two biggest problems in MMOs today: lack of player interaction and the limitations of the holy trinity in groups. Rifts encourage players to band together, include each other, and fight against a common enemy. The soul system encourages five people, regardless of class, to group up and still have the tools to make progress together. If rift invasions are tuned correctly, and if the soul system realizes its potential, RIFT has a real opportunity to breathe new life into the MMO genre.

Here’s one more from Ten Ton Hammer:

Rift is a graphically stunning game that is filled with both beautiful landscapes and horrific monsters. While graphics don’t always make the game, the look of Rift is excellent and thus far runs smoothly even in a beta setting.

Very few games lately have been able to convey so much in their first 20 levels, but with so much depth and such a quick leveling curve Rift has done an excellent job of immersing me in its world. The combination of so many good elements along with a difficulty level that provides a solid challenge without being oppressively difficult has me wanting to see more and anticipating the next 20 levels and beyond.

And a mid-week podcast from Rift

Scott Hartsman – Rift’s Studio General Manager, Chief Creative Officer and Executive Producer; Alyvian – forum and irc regular, beta tester and Tranquility Guild Leader and Cindy ‘Abigale’ Bowens – Sr. Community Manager for RIFT join Arithion to talk about the following:

* Beta NDA Lift
* Rift system scaling
* Fullscale Invasion of the masses
* Soul choices overhauled
* More than 51 Soul Points
* Beta 3
* Kelari Roll!

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From Trion’s Media Team:


“Enter the Rift,” the third closed beta event for Rift™, the upcoming MMO from Trion Words, is scheduled to start at 10am on December 28th, and run through 10am, December 31th. Choosing a character from either the Guardian or Defiant factions, players will fight through the first 20 levels of the game battling back planar rifts, running dungeons and exploring the vibrant world of Telara.

Editor’s Note: The NDA for Trion Worlds’ Rift closed beta officially lifts today at 9 AM PST. Beta participants and press are now free to post information and assets from the first two events, along with all subsequent beta events through launch.

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Introduction Movies

Check out the introduction movies to both the Guardian and Defiant factions over at ZAM.

Trion Worlds has sent us an early holiday gift: the complete introduction movies for Rift’s Guardian and Defiant factions! These cinematics are the lore pieces that players will see just after they create their characters, before jumping into the starting zones.

Are you trying to decide whether to make your first character a Guardian or Defiant? Do you want to know more about the story behind this upcoming fantasy MMO? Do you just want to watch some epic videos?

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Battle for Silverwood

Originally posted by Hartsman (—)

ONCE UPON A TIME in a land called Telara, 573 Guardian players were minding their own business in a region called Silverwood. They were frolicking and levelling, and levelling and questing, and looting and laughing, collecting and crafting…. Ah! What a peaceful time it was.

And then, the world exploded.

Dozens of rifts, invasions, bosses, real gameplay objectives (and rewards coming soon!), dramatic skies, music shifts — the whole package. Our first event on a truly massive scale.

Beyond the gameplay, what you’re seeing is part of the story of Prince Hylas Aelfwar, and the Battle for Silverwood.

If you were there, we hope you enjoyed it. If you missed one of the times it ran: What you’re seeing is the first of many, and we hope you get to see them soon.

We’ve been playing this pretty close to the vest. We didn’t want to go promising things until we were able to prove this all worked and was fun, in front of a full-size Beta audience.

There are a lot of ways to tell epic stories in MMOs. Cutscenes are cool (we have a few of those). Voiced vignettes can be neat (we have some of those too). Giving you your own private experience can work well too.

In RIFT, we’d like you to be able to play through these events yourself. (The first M in MMO does stand for “Massive.”) That’s where we’re going.

In the event above, there were 573 player participants. All in one part of the world, and the world held up like a champ. Different raids, groups, and soloists taking on different parts of the event.

As a long time MMO player, I’d call it “exactly what I’ve been waiting for.”

We’re thrilled to see the comments from people who were pleasantly shocked that this is what we had in mind when we’ve been talking about epic scale events.

This event was for levels 8-20, complete with group encounters and raid bosses, and the reactions were amazingly positive.

It was a lot of fun to give you this preview of the first of many more types of events — both large and small.

We’ve had a ton of feedback on other subjects as well — Time is short and we have a lot to do between now and the next beta. Here are a few other key things we’ve taken away from all of the testing so far.

Classes and Souls: People like the system. They want more of it. They want to be able to play with more options, sooner — Both in terms of the numbers of points they can invest, as well as the numbers of souls and how they roll out. We hear you, and we agree.

The system really does play at its best once you have a pool of points to play with. That said, those high-end 51 point abilities look like fun too. What isn’t fun is asking people to make that kind of choice at the high end: Do I forsake the fun of the system to get the power I feel that I need in that 51 point ability?

In our system, it’s possible to give people even more choices by getting more points and more souls, faster. We can let people get all the way to a top-end soul ability if they choose, and still be able to have points to spend elsewhere into two other souls.

In time for Beta 3, expect to see all of the souls available to choose from the outset, more souls available earlier in the experience, and more total points to spend. The system is there, and it’s fun, and there’s no reason to hide it from people.

We’re confident that it’s the right thing to do to get more fun into the system. It’s more work, but it’s the kind of work we’re betting you’d want your developers focused on.

Soul Preview: This one was always on the list of things we’d like to do. After Beta 1, it got promoted to the top of it. It made the “We absolutely need this” list after Beta 2. The goal is to get it out there in time for Beta 3.

Pet Naming: I didn’t call this one out after Beta 1, but it was already on the list then. Since people keep asking about it specifically, we’d like to add that it should be out in time for Beta 3.

The Silverwood Music Bug: Yes, we’re fixing this. :)

There will be more improvements beyond these in time for Beta 3, but there’s a really short cycle between now and then, and we’re trying to make sure we can do everything above and more.

We look forward to seeing you next round, playing with more souls, and more massive events and more zone boss invaders!

If you haven’t seen them, you just haven’t seen RIFT.

See you in Beta 3!

- The Rift Development Team

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