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key and lockboxes

So, one thing RIFT’s free-to-play system will have is a lockbox and key feature. Most F2P MMORPGs have lockboxes and keys of some type, and most of us tend to have fairly strong opinions on whether we enjoy them or not. Generally, those feelings tend to revolve around the contents of said lockboxes and the accessibility of the keys. We haven’t heard a whole lot about RIFT‘s lockbox system– where the boxes are being called Deeps’ Supply Crates– but now we know a little more thanks to a few forum posts Daglar made last Friday.

First off– yes, the boxes and keys will both drop randomly– and rarely– out in the world.

Originally posted by Daglar (Source)

The intent is for them to rarely drop in the world. Chests would be more common than keys. Patrons may or may not receive a number of keys per week as well. Its something we’d like to add but we are not sure if it will make it in for 2.3

They should be tradeable so you can put them up on the AH, or sell them to a merchant for a bit of coin as well.

[We] don’t plan on shoving a million of them down your throats.

Currently on the PTS, the item note for the Supply Crates reads “Full of stuff and things…” which is a nifty description, but not entirely descriptive. When asked about specific contents inside the boxes, Daglar answered that, “random equipment, weapons, runes, expendables, essences, costumes, and currencies” can be obtained. He then followed up with a note that was a little more specific. Continue reading to take a look.

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RJ Dev Tracker

Last Friday, Tacitus clarified a few points regarding the world event of sorts that will occur when RIFT 2.3 launches and Dendrome becomes accessible. We won’t be seeing a major, multiple-phase world event this time around due to the fact that Dendrome itself will be a permanent part of the Storm Legion world.

Originally posted by Tacitus (Source)

The wall itself going away will happen after the initial zone event is completed, but it really is the wall just transitioning into a destroyed state. You don’t need to be there – you aren’t missing any kind of OMG fireworks.

The event itself – it will play when the world event starts and then it will be part of the regular mix of Ashora zone events. The neat consumables that drop will be around for at least the full 2 weeks of the official world event time. Not sure after that – I will ask the person that set up the rewards later. The zone event version and world event launch version of the event are the same.

Yes, the colossi that spawn will get much harder – they were not scaling in power the way they were supposed to and the next test of the event should reflect that. Some of the boss mechanics are getting tweaked as well.

The achievements – a lot of content was built for the world event, but in our internal testing, it didn’t play well as one-time content. All that work is now permanent content – pretty much all new content in Ashora outside of Dendrome is part of that – the border fort dailies, the new IAs in the Ashora rotation, etc.

But again, and let me stress this – there is nothing that needs to be seen at the time the event goes Live that you will miss out on if you aren’t there right then. The entirety of the initial fight will be available as a zone event permanently and any rewards will be available for at least a full 2 weeks if not longer. Unless you really like to see geometry transition to damaged / destroyed states. And if you REALLY like that, maybe we can beg Captain Cursor to make a puppet show of the wall getting destroyed.

Speaking of Dendrome, Daglar also noted that low-level players will no longer be able to access Storm Legion zones aside from Tempest Bay after RIFT’s shift to free-to-play.

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greater token tablet

Thanks to the recent release of the RIFT free-to-play store on the PTS, players made the discovery earlier this week that Greater Token Tablets were being sold in the Boosts category of the store that gave players a 100% bonus to currency marks– including top-tier raid marks– from all sources for two hours. Quite a large stir was caused on the forums after this discovery, and the Trion team was quick to reduce that 100% bonus down to 80% as well as look into making further adjustments to the tablets. Daglar announced the main adjustment yesterday: None of the Token Tablet boosts will now apply to Frozen Eclipse Stones. Good news all around.

Daglar also had a few words to share with the raiding community regarding the F2P changes. Keep reading to take a look at his post as well as a handful of other interesting posts.

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dendrome pts preview title

Since there’s so much to explore on the Player Test Shard at the moment thanks to a huge portion of RIFT 2.3 hitting the PTS this week, we’re going to be splitting our preview into two sections. Here’s the first part, which will focus primarily on The Dendrome and the content directly associated with this new zone. We’ll talk a bit about the Item Store briefly, but stay tuned for a full-length preview in the days to come.

One other thing to note– the Item Store is currently undergoing a lot of changes, which will hopefully make the game’s free-to-play system better overall. If you check it out on the PTS yourself, to bring up the store, you’ll have to press “]”. There is also a button where Deeps’ Depot used to be. The store seems to be taken offline intermittently in order to receive staff updates, so if you find the button missing and the keybind disabled, it’s probably best to wait a while and try again or check back the next day.

As with all information on the PTS, everything discussed here is subject to change at any time. As usual, we’ll do our best to shy away from story spoilers. That said, let’s take a tour of Dendrome, shall we?

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RJ Dev Tracker

Faratha shared an informative summary on the forums yesterday of how exactly dimensions will be affected when RIFT‘s transition to free-to-play takes place on June 12th. The super-short summary is that dimension enthusiasts will be getting a lot more goodies to have fun with. One look at the RIFT Store on the PTS confirms this. There are a ton of new dimension items (and some achievements finally!). Thankfully, almost all of the dimension items in the store are purchasable with Credits or Plat.

Keep reading to take a look at Faratha’s full post.

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RJ Patch Notes

* Morban: Added additional map markers for the quest Blast Away to help pinpoint the location of the cannons.

* Morban: Reduced Draelock’s damage across most of his abilities.
* Steppes of Infinity: For the instant adventure Capture Commanders, Antapo Commanders will now despawn two minutes after being captured. Additionally, if a Commander gets stuck in the terrain, it will despawn if the player moves far enough away.
* Steppes of Infinity: Fixed an issue during The Craft of Conflict zone event that could result in players not receiving credit if their characters die fighting the Nug Battler Nug .

* Shaman: Vicious Streak now increases the critical chance of all abilities.
* Inquisitor: Radical Coalescence is now removed if the Inquisitor dies.
* Sentinel: Damage from Wrathful Exuberance is now reduced in PVP.
* Sentinel: Damage procs from Wrathful Exuberance now have a 35 meter range.
* Harbinger: Lucent Slash no longer requires a target in order to use.
* Harbinger: Phantom Blades no longer requires you to be facing your target in order to cast.

* Fixed a problem with Dimension “add” and “remove” events for addons not always working properly.

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loyalty dev blog

During last Friday’s official RIFT live stream, we found out a little more about the Loyalty system that will be a major part of the new free-to-play system beginning June 12th. Yesterday Bill “Daglar” Fisher continued delving into the explanations of the system in a new developer blog. The Loyalty system will be replacing our current Veteran Rewards program, and instead of being able to purchase goodies after having been a subscriber for so long, we’ll be able to automatically pick up rewards as we reach certain Loyalty tiers.

As was discussed during the live stream, Loyalty will be granted to players who subscribe as a Patron, purchase or spend Credits, and consume REX. Veteran players will also be receiving a one-time stipend of 7000 Loyalty per past month of subscription when the F2P system goes live. This will mean that for most of us, we should log in on June 12th with some goodies to pick up right off the bat.

The title image above, which is a sampling of an in-progress Loyalty tier reward, shows an interesting variety of items available. Currently on the PTS the Loyalty tiers aren’t fully implemented, but most other parts of the item store are available for preview.

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item store pts title

A large portion of the content headed our way in RIFT 2.3: Empyreal Assault is now on the Public Test Shard for player testing. The item store isn’t completely functional yet and is still very much in progress, which is evident by many of the items and prices, but the store itself is there for our previewing pleasures. Dendrome is also in place along with some of the zone events, new dynamic content, Strongholds, and Queen’s Gambit, which is the new Chronicle.

MikeD shared some details in a forum post as far as what to expect in the dynamic content within Dendrome. Keep reading to take a look.

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f2p live stream title

The RIFT portion of yesterday’s Trion Friday live stream extravaganza was, unsurprisingly, focused on RIFT’s big move to a free-to-play system beginning on June 12th. Daglar joined Simon and Elrar and explained how some of the systems will work in greater detail as well as updated the RIFT community on some promising changes to the current Patron reward system. The team has been listening to all of our feedback and has made a few changes that, overall, make being a RIFT veteran a little more appealing.

Elrar also showed off the in-game shop in its current state and let Daglar talk a little bit about the different categories of items, the Loyalty tiers, and a whole lot more. To catch a replay of the live stream, you can see it here. Alternatively, keep reading to see our detailed highlights roundup.

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RJ Dev Tracker

Daglar continued addressing a solid portion of player feedback on the forums yesterday. Among his posts, a few were especially interesting. He commented on what we’ll be seeing as far as race and faction change items in the cash shop as well as the future of server transfers and expansion content.

This first quote was regarding the possibility of additional character slots in the item store:

Originally posted by Daglar (Source)

Character slots is on the wish list, but we cannot say for certain if it will make the launch date.

Server transfers will remain free for your normal free weekly transfer. We could potentially in the distant future charge for multiple moves per week, but I don’t really like that idea and I’d rather get us to a better place with cross shard / single shard technology.

Faction and race changes are not linked. If you change yourself to a Bahmi as a guardian, you are still a Guardian. If you are a Kelari and change faction, you are still a Kelari.

Bahmi Guardian? Now that’s an interesting change.

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