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preset contest

RIFT‘s recommended preset builds have been in dire need of attention for, well, a while now. Since their implementation, in fact. For many souls, the majority of the preset choices aren’t optimal at all, and since Storm Legion, some don’t even work sort-of-optimally anymore. Trion finally realized that they really needed to do something about preset builds to help out newer players who are still trying to figure out the ins and outs of the game’s soul system. They’re going to be updating the presets with a little help from the community– in the form of a contest.

To enter, you’ll need to submit a build you created yourself as well as a whole bunch of information about the build regarding tips, recommended skills, hotbar layout, and even a guide that both the Trion team and players can reference if additional information is needed. The winners will receive their build in-game as well as their chosen name for the build and proper credit. There are also nifty RIFT prizes including mounts, Patron Passes, and unique titles.

The contest runs until December 3rd. For more info, check out the announcement post here.

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glowing ruby ki run title

Remember the Glowing Ruby Ki Rin? How about the Shadow Hellbug or the Glowing Emerald Ki Rin? If you happened to be online when these limited time only items were available in the RIFT Store, you may have picked them up or knew someone who did. If you happened to not be online for those PST-based four hours, you were out of luck (unless you bought them from someone). Trion kind of went bananas for a couple weeks with the limited time only sales. Those sales seem to have quieted down for the moment, but despite Trion’s best intentions of allowing players to access unique, special goodies, there was one little thing the team forgot about– time zones.

While the RIFT Store is still one of the better F2P in-game cash shops around, there are some definite issues with RIFT’s cash store and with limited time sales such as these. Interested in digging a little deeper and reading some thoughts on these limited time sales and other issues regarding the the RIFT Store? Head on over to Junkies Nation and take a peek at our newest opinion column: The Cash Shop Critic. This entry’s all about the limited time RIFT sales.

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RJ Patch Notes


Intrepid: Hammerknell Chronicle
Every week until Fae Yule we’re introducing newly updated content for level 60! Our second one is the Intrepid: Hammerknell Chronicle, which bumps the enemies up to level 60, and has some new rewards to boot!

Welcome to Fashion Week!
It’s Fashion Week! Winning costumes from RIFTScene’s “Dress the Night Away” are now available in the store. Plus, ALL costumes and dyes for 25% off through next Wednesday, 11/27!

* Getting to Storm legion zones at level 48 is now easier! Speak to the Lycini Ambassador in Sanctum or Meridian to travel to Dusken, Pelladane, or Tempest Bay.
* Instant Adventure groups will now only be assigned to complete a zone event if their adventure group size is at least 15 players.
* A mini world event and a new daily quest is available in each city to help celebrate Fashion Week!
* A number of achievements related to the Sinister Presence are now correctly categorized.
* International shards are now marked as International in the “Server Status” Web page.
* Russian players should now be able to see French and German characters in chat.

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artifact chart header

In a new blog post published yesterday, the Trion dev team talked about the data collection process they use to tell when and how long we play, what classes we play as, and how we spend our time in RIFT. Everything from how many and what type of instances are ran to the number of monsters killed, players killed, dynamic content completed, quests abandoned, and objects looted can be tracked using some nifty tools and a team of data collecting gurus. The data collected is used in a variety of ways to make the game better. Developers can use it to update quests that are abandoned often due to being too tedious or streamline content that players find difficult.

One interesting point that the team mentioned was that collecting artifacts is the number one activity RIFT players engage in. Why, yes, we do like our shinies! After collecting this data, the developer team moved in the direction of adding in more artifact collections, which is the main reason artifact-gathering is a large part of Autumn Harvest. And we’ll be seeing even more artifacts with the introduction of unstable artifacts in 2.6 most likely.

Read the full developer blog for more info.

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RJ Dev Tracker

Kervik’s back in action on the official RIFT forums, and his first order of business on Friday was to update the Mage and Cleric communities about some changes in store for both classes. For Mages especially, he’s looking to make a couple of major overhauls to the Warlock soul. Here’s what he had to say about those changes:

Originally posted by Kervik (Source)

Hey all,

First off, my apologies for being absent from this forum for as long as I have been. I dropped the ball on communicating with you all and I’ll work on getting things back to regular communication or at least letting you know if there’s going to be a while that I’ll be absent ahead of time.

To start things back off I’m going to be spending some time taking a look at Warlock. I have some ideas on what changes to make, many from the suggestions you all have been offering in various other threads. I’ll be posting my initial list of the changes I’m looking at early next week, but I want to make sure that I’m understanding your concerns and try to pass on reasons for the “why” behind these changes before/as I announce them. As usual any changes mentioned in this thread are subject to change and aren’t guaranteed to make it to the live servers. They’ll spend time on PTS for people to try them out and give feedback before they make their way to live.

So lets start with the role of the Warlock. Best case scenario I’d like the Warlock to be a high sustained damage soul with low burst. You’ll do consistent damage, but without the spikes that souls such as Pyromancer have. I like the idea of Warlock being very effective when faced with 2 or 3 targets for them to load up and maintain a full set of DoTs on. Feel free to ask questions about other aspects and I’ll answer them as best I can.

For the moment at least I’d like to have list what they’d like out of the Warlock and what they view as the biggest issue wit the soul is. If you’re calling out an issue the soul has currently, give an explanation on specifics of the issue. Even if its been said many times before I’d like to see the reasoning behind things again. And remember, posts that say only “Void Bolt is dumb” or “You suck” are really not what I’m looking for from this.

To temper expectations for any changes resulting from this thread, I’m mostly looking at quality of life type changes rather than a large scale overhaul. Don’t expect the soul to play vastly different from these updates.

For those of you concerned about other souls, I’ll be working on others as things move along with the Warlock. The next one on my list at the moment is Archon.

Kervik’s plans for improving a couple of the Cleric souls are a little more specific. Wardens, especially, will be seeing quite a few adjustments. Keep reading to take a look.

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trove what we know RJ

I know, I know. Trove isn’t RIFT. Still, Trove is looking pretty cool, especially if you’re a big fan of dungeon adventuring and dimension-building (or both!). What is Trove, you say? Trove is Trion’s just-announced-yesterday adventure MMO stylized with cubes and a whole lot of player creativity. During yesterday’s Trion live stream, the team designated a solid chunk of time to announcing Trove, showing off Trove gameplay, and answering a bunch of questions from the community regarding the game. Oh, yeah, and did we mention Trove is also going to be free-to-play with a public Alpha? You can even sign up for Alpha now.

We put together a pretty extensive writeup of all things Trove and all things we know about Trove over on Junkies Nation. Head on over to check it out. As a note, we’ll be moving all future Trove coverage over to Junkies Nation (as that’s our multi-MMO/game site) from now on, so make sure to give the site a bookmark if you’d like to keep tabs on it.

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trove trion worlds logo RJ

If you’re a RIFT veteran, you might remember back when Trion had some fun with odd teases and cryptic hints regarding the introduction of Conquest more than a year ago. Game developers teasing new games/content can be kind of fun, especially when smart gamers put on their super sleuth goggles and begin to unravel the mystery before it’s fully revealed. It seems Trion’s up to their old tricks again, this time with a completely new game. Yep, we’re talking Trove.

Update 11/14/13: Trion announced that the team will reveal Trove during tomorrow’s live stream. They also released a new screenshot that looks pretty sweet. More details to come after the live stream!

A few days ago, the Trion team and Scott Hartsman registered a full set of Trove web domains. We wondered if Trove had something to do with RIFT‘s next water-themed expansion or if it was a new game entirely.

Yesterday, more pieces plopped into the puzzle. Trove definitely seems to be its own game. Trion made a new Twitter account and new Facebook page with a shiny new icon. Trion also updated their company Twitter page with the above header image while TehFrank datamined a pretty cool image that seems to point all the signs toward Trove being an 8-bit/voxel style game that might be similar to Minecraft or Cube World.

Want to take a closer look? Check out our full coverage on Junkies Nation.

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RJ Patch Notes


Return to Deepstrike – Every week until Fae Yule we’re introducing content newly made for level 60! Our first one is Deepstrike Mines, which has a new quest, a new storyline, and new enemies to defeat.

* Patrons should no longer have their patron ability charges randomly reset back down to 1.
* Missed out on your House Fluffington title? Fear not! The Corgi rifts will make a sudden return appearance between the times of 11/15 @ 19:00 to 11/18 @ 08:00 server time!
* By popular request, the Definitely Not A Sinister Companion is now larger in size !
* European players will no longer see “???” characters in their chat window when another player types something in Russian. Instead, they will now see the actual Russian characters.

* You are now be able to purchase items off the wishlists of your cross-shard friends!
* Merchants will once again sell their wares to you if they cost a single token, such as the Ascended’s Lesser Signet.

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state of the game address 2.5

It’s been a long time coming, but we finally received Daglar’s State of the Game address yesterday. In it, Daglar touched on a lot of information we already knew along with a fair dose of PR-speak, but he did reassure the community that Trion is listening to its playerbase and is always working to bring us improvements in every part of the game from graphical optimization and cross-shard functionality to PvP matchmaking improvements, dimension enhancements, and more.

He also reminded the community that Trion is trying something a little different with RIFT 2.5: Song of Dreams by rolling out new content every week. The goal with this experiment of sorts is to see how players react to the stream of steady, new content to explore since that’s exactly how Trion wants to release the content for RIFT 3.0, which is our second expansion that will take place in the Plane of Water.

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junkies nation rift giveaway RJ

It’s been a while since we’ve done a giveaway on Rift Junkies, but it’s definitely time to change that! Junkies Nation is holding its first RIFT giveaway, and everyone here is invited.

The prizes include 1 30-day Patron pass, 3 Toxic Hellbug mounts (no, not the mount posted in the title image– we mainly thought the red looked cool), and 3 Hellbug pets.

To enter, you’ll need either a Twitter or Facebook account (or both!). Simply head on over to Junkies Nation and check out all the details there.

The contest will run for two weeks and ends November 27th, 2013 at 12 AM PST.

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