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If you have a character who’s an artificer, you’ve probably noticed that salvaging hasn’t been quite right for a little while, especially for low-level artificers who are trying to play catch up. Faratha had an update for artificers on the forums yesterday, and stated that a fix will be coming in RIFT 2.2:

Originally posted by Faratha (Source)

Artificer salvaging has indeed been borked for a while now, and please accept my heartfelt apologies for not having fixed this sooner. The GM quoted in the other thread didn’t have all the details because I hadn’t looked into the situation yet.

As of 2.2 -

  • Low-level jewelry will once again yield gem components when salvaged by an artificer. Depending on a ring or necklace’s level, it will provide Gemstone Fragments, Iridescent Powder, or Clear Crystal.
  • Artificers will be able to salvage totems that weren’t salvaging correctly.
  • Artificers, not weaponsmiths, will be able to salvage staves.
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The Artificer is one of Rift’s six manufacturing professions, it focuses on creating jewelry, staffs, scrolls, and wands in addition to also salvaging certain armor to create miscellaneous crafting materials for the Armorer and Outfitter professions. The Artificer primarily uses materials obtained through the gathering professions of Foraging and Mining, therefore it is highly suggested you level these along side it, to ensure a cheaper levelling experience and to allow for some self efficiency.