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tempest bay barber

Twitter can sometimes be useful. It’s useful for finding out random hints regarding nifty features being added to RIFT in 2.4, for example. Like new hair colors! Yesterday evening Trion sent out this tweet that tossed out a pretty big hint pointing to new hair colors being added, including these two colors which look all kinds of fiery and bright:

new hair colors

Nice! Now the real question– is there a neon green to match?

We haven’t been told an exact date for the release of 2.4 yet, but Trion is still aiming for the update to hit live shards sometime in September.

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RJ Dev Tracker

There will be plenty of awesome things to do later today when RIFT 2.3: Empyreal Assault goes live, but one thing we’ll have to wait a little bit on is taking advantage of the new race and gender change options that will be added to Barber Shops thanks to the free-to-play system. Daglar made an announcement on the forums yesterday evening stating that the feature has been delayed due to a recently-discovered issue. The good news is that we should see the issue fixed by Thursday if all goes well.

Originally posted by Daglar (Source)

We have been going through our final screening process for 2.3 and unfortunately we’ve found an issue with race/gender changes on the barber shop. We’ve made the decision to disable barbers when 2.3 hits tomorrow until we can get the fix up to live.

I expect the fix to be deployed on Thursday – though other circumstances could always intervene.

I’m extremely sorry to everyone that is excited to try out this feature, and we’ll get it up to live as soon as we can.

Faction change scrolls that can be purchased through the store interface weren’t affected by this issue.

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RIFT’s barbershop is now available for player testing on the PTS, and we have a brief guide and preview for you! The barbershop is very simple to use, and is basically a direct copy of the character customization screen. It’s currently possible to change your character’s facial features and structures, hair, height, eye color/structure, makeup/facial hair, skin color, and markings. The only aspects not changeable seem to be race and gender. Basically, Telara’s stylists know not only how to pretty up hair and apply tattoos, but they’re plastic surgeons of sorts as well. Pretty nifty!

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Trion recently updated their official site with some of the coolest highlights of patch 1.9. We couldn’t help but share! Keep reading for the list, along with links to the coverage we’ve provided on some of the upcoming features.

RIFT 1.9: Conquest

Maelforge and Laethys are dead, and with the Blood Storm on the run, the Ascended have splintered over philosophical differences. Three groups have risen among these mighty immortals, and their inter-dimensional war has come to a head in a battle that rages across realities.

Conquest introduces factions that transcend the differences between Guardian and Defiant. Join the Oathsworn, the Dominion, or the Nightfall, and experience pulse-pounding player-on-player bloodshed in a whole new way. Earn PvP ranks and armor sets as you fight your way across this incredible conflict.

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Conquest, Summerfest, more Instant Adventures, the mentoring system, and Primeval Feast are all headed our way in patch 1.9. That’s a good-sized chunk of content. But… there’s more! Just when we thought patch 1.9 couldn’t contain any more cool features, another long-awaited addition was announced yesterday– barber shops! Yep, we’ll finally be able to change our goofy hair cuts (and tattoos).

Here’s the original announcement, found in this E3 Massively article:

“Yes, barber shops are coming to Telara. While Trion admits it could have held the feature back, it decided that barber shops were a cool feature more easily implemented than other features.”

Awesome news. Here is the community response thread for this announcement. Yeah, fans are pretty happy about this one. Sometimes it’s the little things, features like this, for example, that make RIFT that awesome game it is.