Date: Apr 17, 2013  |  Written by Warren Willey  |  Posted Under: Article, Cleric Corner, Guides  |  DISQUS With Us: 34 comments

The Agonist Title Picture

The Agonist is a serious death dealer which can maim your enemies and protect your allies.  Trion listed the Defiler soul as a healing soul, however, this soul has much more potential than just being a healing soul.  By combining the Defiler and Cabalist souls, this spec reeks of death, and your tank will thank you after that huge pull.

Agonist Spec purpose:  Solo, AoE Damage, and tank/group damage reduction.

Date: Mar 30, 2011  |  Written by Akroma  |  Posted Under: Featured, Guides  |  DISQUS With Us: 2 comments

Welcome to the second part of the cleric calling overview! In this article, I will go over clerics as DPS. We will be covering our four DPS souls in more detail with a focus on PvE. This analysis includes mechanics, play style, build suggestions, and suggestions on DPS rotations or priorities. In addition to analyzing clerics, I will delve into general PvE/PvP DPS practices for beginners. I don’t claim to be the highest authority when it comes to maximizing DPS performance, but I’m not entirely bad myself. I will at least try to start you on the path to being a respectable DPS.