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Ailion posted an update to the list of Warrior changes that are currently on the PTS and/or will be added shortly. Among this set of changes are adjustments to the Warlord, Champion, and Riftblade souls along with a few general balance shifts. Ailion also posted a convenient list of current goals he has in mind for improving Warrior soul synergy overall. Here are those goals:

Originally posted by Ailion (Source)

I have added more updates to the main list in the first page. A new build that includes all these updates isn’t ready on PTS yet. I believe it will be over the weekends.

Here are some of my goals with these updates:

1) Promote synergy between the individual souls.

2) Reduce the dependence on the Riftblade as the goto spec for most aspects of game play.

3) Make Warlord a competitive ST Melee DPS soul, but comes at a cost in survivability to reach that goal.

4) Make Champion a competitive AE DPS soul while being able to excel in encounters that require both ST and AE DPS capabilities.

Parses will be appreciated. You can post your parses in this thread or PM them to me.

For the detailed, complete list of changes (including past changes), see this forum post.

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A German guild named Nemesis has put together a list of Champion and Assassin talents and root abilities from their time spent at GamesCom this year. They have since been transcribed into the Telarapedia as well. A quick comment on each; the assassin shouldn’t surprise anyone being a poison based class with stealth and positional attacks. The champion seems to be your typical “arms” warrior from Warcraft, a charging, two-handed wielding warrior that’s bent on wrecking havoc.

Telarapedia links: Champion, Assassin

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<img src=""

“A Champion finds himself in the Shadowlands; home to many ghastly foes.”

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New screenshot from Jives on the official forums.