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Check out Trion’s Community Blog to take a peak at some of the new concept art for the upcoming PVP sets in patch 1.9. What set is your favorite?

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Introducing Conquest – Test the latest in RIFT PvP on Thursday, 5/17

Three faction PvP and the essence of open world combat will soon storm upon the shores of the Public Test Shard!

Welcome to Conquest – choose your side and square off in a no-holds-barred, interdimensional battle royal on Thursday, 5/17 @ 4:00PM PDT (11:00PM GMT). This is the first massive test of this brand new feature!

Conquest at a Glance

  • Engage in massive, cross-shard battles capturing the excitement of Open World PvP at its best!
  • Align with one of three new factions, the biggest difference is their philosophy. (You will be able to change factions.)
  • Earn rewards and bonuses for your team – or supercharge yourself with bonuses that can be used outside of Conquest!
  • Everyone can contribute – crafters play a vital role in every Conquest battle.
  • This is a brand new feature, details and specifics will likely change based on your feedback and play tests. For the latest info keep an eye on the PTS Forums!
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Check out Rift’s latest Community Blog as they showcase Fishing and Survival skills!

As Ascended you lead thrilling, immortal lives full of combat and adventure, but sometimes, you just want to get away from it all. You want to immerse yourself in the wonder of this unique, plane-touched world, search for hidden treasures, and seek calm from the din of war. Now, Telara’s defenders can heed the call of nature and trek out into the great outdoors with two all-new, bonus trade skills: Fishing and Survival.

Coming in RIFT 1.8: Infernal Dawn, these trades can be enjoyed by everyone in addition to any existing crafting or gathering skills you possess!

Nature Calls in Update 1.8: Introducing Fishing & Survival!

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From RIFT’s Q&A Blog, here is a Developer Q&A where we learn about Trion’s thought process is behind Planar Attunement, Raiding and more. A one thing we picked up is that they are adding a Planar Attunement respec option that is a long time in coming. It’s pretty confusing why it wasn’t in originally.

Do you have any plans to make Hammerknell more accessible to more raiders?

We’re fairly pleased with the current state of Hammerknell. That said, we always want to see more and more players get a chance to experience the zone while still being challenged and having a sense of progression. We always keep a close eye on how the community is progressing through the zone and individual encounters – for example, as you may have noticed, we recently implemented an additional reduction to the Toughness, Hit, and Focus required to be affective against Jornaru and Akylios, the final encounter in Hammerknell.

Another project we are currently working on is reducing the massive jump in power between Hammerknell (and PvP Rank 8 players) and the rest of the game. Not to worry we’re not nerfing anyone! Hammerknell and Rank 8 gear will stay as is, however most of the other 50+ gear will get upgrades. Those players who are just starting Hammerknell will thusly find it a bit easier to get started in the zone and do glorious battle with the vile denizens found within.

We know you’re undoubtedly excited to learn more about everything we just talked about – once we have more specific details you’ll be sure to know!