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pvp dimension header

During last Friday’s live stream extravaganza, Daglar and the team showed off a PvP dimension that Kiwi created on the PTS (Kiwi also, by the way, conducted a pretty cool interview regarding PvP dimensions with Pithos if you haven’t checked it out yet). PvP dimensions, as we knew from before, are arena-like in function, allowing players to form 2 or 3 teams that go head to head in a dimension that players create using all kinds of new goodies that allow dimensioneers to create boundaries, scoring methods, starting points, timers, and even environments that cause participants to take damage.

All’s fair in war, right? Well, in this case what’s fair is in the hands of the dimension creator, which gives our intrepid creators a pretty big– and fun– challenge ahead. PvP dimensions will not have any official leaderboards or rewards simply due to the fact that players are ultimately in charge here (and exploits therefore are a high risk), but I think it’s safe to say that if the playerbase tosses together some PvP dimensions that are truly epic (and c’mon, we know they will), Trion wouldn’t hesitate to turn one or two into a real warfront.

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conquest power title

During last Friday’s live stream, Daglar talked a bit about the fact that Trion is finally considering getting rid of Conquest Power altogether. The idea originally popped up in this forum thread earlier in the week asking for player feedback. So far, the feedback seems to be leaning in favor of nuking Conquest Power into orbit.

Daglar shared his thoughts on what this would mean, exactly, and stated that on the PvP side of things, the loss of the stat bonuses shouldn’t harm PvP whatsoever. For raiding content, however, some groups may feel the loss of the stat bonuses provided through Conquest Power. He said that for Tier 1 and 2 raids, the plan is to automatically provide the extra stats for all groups that enter the raids while Tier 3 raids will be tuned without them. This will let guilds continue progressing without feeling as though they are going backwards.

So, what do you think? Is this is a good move?

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RJ Dev Tracker

Trion, as always, is vigilantly keeping watch on the RIFT forums and making a note of player feedback regarding the issues many had with Mech Week and the ever-increasing stash of cash shop lockboxes we’ve been seeing lately. If you haven’t been keeping up on the forums, my recent editorial sums up both issues fairly decently. Essentially, a large portion of the RIFT playerbase feels Mech Week wasn’t properly communicated and executed due to the one-time daily, its status as a “world event”, and the lack of options for completing the achievement to obtain all of the pets.

Daglar posted his thoughts in one of the threads with constructive feedback from the community, and while he admitted that lockboxes probably won’t be disappearing anytime soon due to how popular they are among RIFT players, he did reiterate that our feedback is very important to the development team. From the sounds of it, the World Event UI frame popping up for promotions like Mech Week will be sticking around as well. Daglar did mention in a later post that the team was going to reevaluate Patron rewards and hopefully come up with something cool. A credit stipend still isn’t an option at this time.

The good news is that the items inside the Temporal Vaults for Mech Week will be made bind-on-account in this week’s upcoming hotfix. This is a good move, and one that helps alleviate some of the main issues players have experienced. Daglar also admitted the following: “We also know that we didn’t do a good enough job explaining that you only receive a single temporal vault per character. We’ll be taking that into account as we go forward.”

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state of the game address 2.5

It’s been a long time coming, but we finally received Daglar’s State of the Game address yesterday. In it, Daglar touched on a lot of information we already knew along with a fair dose of PR-speak, but he did reassure the community that Trion is listening to its playerbase and is always working to bring us improvements in every part of the game from graphical optimization and cross-shard functionality to PvP matchmaking improvements, dimension enhancements, and more.

He also reminded the community that Trion is trying something a little different with RIFT 2.5: Song of Dreams by rolling out new content every week. The goal with this experiment of sorts is to see how players react to the stream of steady, new content to explore since that’s exactly how Trion wants to release the content for RIFT 3.0, which is our second expansion that will take place in the Plane of Water.

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underwater content quest giver area

After last Friday’s news about RIFT 2.5 and the road leading toward 3.0 and the Plane of Water, Trion chose a pretty cool time to drop a new update on the Public Test Shard (PTS). Yep, the Ember Isle underwater content that’s going to serve as a prelude to what we may see in 3.0 is now available for player testing! The team is holding a special playtest event Today, October 29th at 3 PM PST, but the new content is playable outside of that time frame as well. Keeper Ivan in Tempest Bay (next to the porticulum) will take characters directly to the action and allow players to test out the new story quests, daily quests, carnage quests, rifts, and even a zone event that will be debuting during the test today.

Aside from that news, Daglar also posted a couple of updates for the PvP community regarding the new warfront matchmaking system and 5 vs. 5 matches that are currently in development. Keep reading to take a look.

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new rift content leading towards 2.5 and 3.0 RJ

During last Friday’s Trion live stream extravaganza, Daglar and Simon both showed up and answered a bunch of questions. We learned about some of the new things headed our way in 2.5, 2.6, and beyond. We’re talking some pretty cool reveals like more info on unstable artifacts, details on a new sliver coming in 2.5, and hints of a new crafting profession being added to RIFT. Daglar and Simon also talked a bit about PvP, a possible solution for the Argent RPers, some new RIFT Store goodies that are limited time only items, and an interesting change the team will be trying as updates continue to roll out leading toward our Plane of Water expansion also known as RIFT 3.0.

Note: As always, remember that all of this information is subject to change at any time. A large majority of this information is still early in development.

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RJ Dev Tracker

Last week, Daglar announced that a new Conquest PvP map was going to make a debut on the Public Test Server for player testing. The new map will take place in Steppes of Infinity and scoring will consist of teams taking charges from Fort Brevo to Fort Antapo and vice versa. Daglar followed up the news yesterday with an announcement that Conquest: Steppes of Infinity will be playable this Friday, October 18th on the PTS beginning at 2:30 PM PST. And yes, there are rewards for players who take part in this early phase of testing.

Here are the details:

Originally posted by Daglar (Source)

The rough draft for the new game mode is up on PTS and needs its tires kicked this coming Friday at 2:30 PM PST.

Those that come out and participate will be eligible to receive the PvP testing title: Savage Tester.

Testers will also receive a moderate amount of loyalty if they have already passed the minimum loyalty threshold.

Everyone that shows up in the testing logs during the allotted time will also be entered in a random drawing where 5 lucky winners will receive either a Ruby Ki-Rin or a Hellbug of their choice.

Reminder: This is a rough draft / first playable so things are very likely to change!


• Capture charges in Fort Brevo and use them on extractors in Fort Antapo to gain points (And the reverse!)
• Use your planar upgrading abilities on a variety of randomly spawning Foci to gain points for your team.

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steppes of infinity angry sky

During one of Daglar’s recent forum posts regarding changes he’d like to see made for PvP in RIFT, he mentioned the fact that the team is planning to add another map for Conquest. Yesterday he announced what map we’re going to be seeing as well as some details regarding its arrival. It seems the angry skies of Steppes of Infinity will be our next Conquest playground. This new mode is likely to arrive on the Player Test Shard for us to check out this Thursday. The team is shooting for Conquest: Steppes of Infinity to reach live shards sometime after the 2.5 update, but this date hasn’t been set in stone yet.

Keep reading to check out Daglar’s full post.

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For a few months now, Daglar has tried to keep an open line of communication with RIFT‘s PvP community. He’s discussed his honest thoughts on world PvP a time or two, and didn’t hesitate to express his opinions on why multiboxing in Warfronts saw its swift demise a month ago. He even has taken the time to add additional alternate-mode Warfronts to the game on his days off. Daglar wants to see PvP in RIFT more fun for everyone. The real question is… how?

Yesterday he took to the PvP forums again and posted a few long-winded but awesome thoughts in this particular thread, where players had been outlining and collecting a bunch of suggestions and ideas for the development team on what improvements they’d like to see regarding PvP in RIFT. He deluged some interesting info, and as always, was honest with his thoughts.

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reaper mount title

Yesterday’s live stream featured Daglar and Simon and offered quite a bit of insight into what’s coming up in 2.4 and beyond. They also mentioned that Instant Adventure is now cross-shard, but that tidbit was missing from Wednesday’s patch notes. So for those of you who missed it or do not have the time to watch the live stream, here is a quick recap of what we found out:


  • New crafting recipes which will drop from expert dungeons.
  • Performance improvements for players on low-end computers. Players playing on high-end computer will eventually get improvements, but they want to focus first on the low end to make the game more accessible.
  • You will be able to re-size the RIFT Store via settings.
  • Pixel Granularity Graphics Option in the form of a sliding bar. You can sacrifice visual quality to get improved framerate.
  • An beta version of a colorblind option will be appearing. Everything has not been properly adjusted, but it’s a start for allowing the game to cater towards colorblind players.
  • All Frozen Eclipse Stones will be converted to Empyreal Slayers Marks and the new 2.4 raids will both drop Frozen Eclipse Stones. With this change, the current T1 raid gear will be purchasable with Empyreal Slayers Marks.
  • Rank 90 will be added with 2.4. With PvP, there is no plan to do any sort of marks conversion. Prestige and Favor vials will work on the journey from rank 80-90.
  • You will no longer be able to select an individual faction in Conquest. You’ll only be able to enter using the new join random button.
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