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Originally posted by Atrius (Source)

Happy Friday everyone, I wanted to drop by and let you all know that we have the first pass of AP changes in for the Warrior calling and you will be getting to play with them in the next PTS patch. The intention of these changes is to get the Warrior AP scaling to a solid baseline foundation so that we can make sure they are scaling properly and in a balanced way to other callings. One side effect of this is that we had to pull out a lot of band aids we were previously using to scale things in a more even fashion and have had to do a lot of rebalancing to get things in order after all of that.

What does all of this mean to you? Well, because of the extent of the changes we wanted all of you to get a chance to play with it and beat on it sooner rather than later. Please be aware that these numbers are only ballpark and nothing is final, there are changes still on the way. If you get upset, we encourage you to communicate that upset in a productive way so we can evaluate it and make some changes. If you find OP builds, let us know so we can look at them, and if you find underpowered builds let us know about those as well. You will notice that the damage of just about every ability has changed to some degree, some up and some down but in the end it should result in a more balanced playing field across the DPS souls in the Warrior. The two biggest areas you will notice changes are in Elemental damage and scaling, and Dual Wield versus Two Handers. I am also providing a list of patch notes so that you know what to expect.

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Originally posted by Zinbik (Source)

Stalwart Citadel: Now adds 30-90% of your Wisdom to Block.
Devout Deflection: Now adds 25-75% of your Wisdom to Parry and 25-75% of your Intelligence to Dodge.
Sovereignty: Now deals Life damage and stuns the enemy for 2 seconds.
Supremacy: Now reduces Physical damage taken by 9-18%.
Thorvin’s Law: Now causes Mien of Leadership to reduce non-Physical damage taken by 2-4% plus an additional 1.2% per point spent in Justicar above 26. No longer has an additional Spell damage reduction.

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Originally posted by Gersh_Trion (Source)

Evening Everyone,

As we mentioned in our December Q&A we have a number of changes incoming with our 1.7 patch focused at improving the overall experience for our high level players! Listed below are the highlights for what’s incoming to PTS, as each new change hits the test server we will be posting a more detailed thread on the topic for people to give feedback on!

As always this is just a portion of what we are currently working on for 1.7, so expect to see updates to features, patch notes, and forum posts as we get closer to releasing the patch!

- The Rift Team

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Trion Developer Daglar was a busy man today filling the community with some changes to itemization today on the official forums. Rogues may know that there will be some additional changes to their tanking ability coming soon. Rogues will be getting a new stat called “Deflect” which will be tied to their dexterity stat that will act just like a Warrior and Cleric’s blocking stat.

Daglar mentioned today:

Originally posted by Daglar (Source)

We do not currently plan to add +deflect to a bunch of items. The current intent is to scale with Dex.

Many trinkets have been modified to work with deflect or block.

So if you’re going to be raiding or dungeoning from here until the next patch and you’re an aspiring rogue tank, make sure to snag a blocking trinket. It appears like they might be modified to be useful for Rogues. We don’t have proof of this yet though!

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The RIFT Community is made richer by those who go out of their way to make it a welcoming and friendly place to be. We do notice these individuals, and want to recognize them in a way that others will too! We’re happy to introduce everyone to our RIFT Community Ambassador Program! This FAQ explains the basics about this program, but please feel free to ask any questions we haven’t covered. We will be making our initial round of selections and announcing your first few RIFT Community Ambassadors next week, so stay tuned!

What is the RIFT Community Ambassador Program?

The RIFT Community Ambassador Program is created to recognize individuals who have made the RIFT community a better place through their constructive and enthusiastic participation and interaction.

What is the purpose of a RIFT Community Ambassador?

RIFT Community Ambassadors are intended to be knowledgeable, helpful, and enthusiastic members of the RIFT Community. They will be identifiable by a custom title, both in-game and on the official forums, RIFT Community Ambassadors are natural community helpers, and all-around go-to individuals within the RIFT Community.

Why would someone want to become a RIFT Community Ambassador?

Those who are RIFT Community Ambassador material are probably already doing the things we’d be looking for because they enjoy it, but we do have a few recognition perks. RIFT Community Ambassadors are given a unique title in-game and on the official forums. They are also given their own forum area to offer suggestions and feedback about how to improve the RIFT Community (please note, this is not for game feedback).

How does one become a RIFT Community Ambassador?

We will not be revealing the full selection process, but we will say that being enthusiastic, helpful, friendly, active, and involved are a great start. We will be accepting nominations from our community, but you are not allowed to nominate yourself. We will not be considering requests to become a RIFT Community Ambassador, and all steps of the selection are at the discretion of the RIFT Community Team. If you wish to nominate someone, please send a PM to any of the moderators, or send an email to Please be aware that we will not comment on nominations beyond letting you know we received them.

How does this differ from a volunteer program?

These are hand-picked individuals who have proven their desire to improve the RIFT community. They are not asked or required to perform any duties and are not given any responsibilities; they do it because they love RIFT and the RIFT Community, have a desire to make it a better place, we want to recognize them for it. It’s also worth noting that we do expect our RIFT Community Ambassadors to hold themselves to a high standard. Earning infractions on the forums, or getting suspended from the game will result in being removed from the RIFT Community Ambassador program.

Who would you nominate to be a Community Ambassador?

Click here for the source.

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Here is a string of posts from ZorbaTHut on the Addon Development forum that go over some of the new functions for RIFT’s addone API. If you’re interested keep reading.

Originally posted by ZorbaTHut (Source)

Hey everyone!

My name’s Ben and I’m a member of the UI team. I’ve developed a lot of smaller features (like the Public Group system) but now my main job is lead developer of the addon system. I’m going to be paying close attention to the Addon forum and giving out technical support occasionally.

I’ve been working in the game industry on and off for around a decade, taking a break to go back to school and put in a few years at Google. I was also heavily involved in the MMO addon scene for about two years. I’m going to be using my addon experience to make Rift’s addon system as good as I possibly can.

You have no idea how excited I am to see what people make with it.

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Originally posted by Hartsman (—)

Hi, everyone! On behalf of all of us on the RIFT team, and at Trion as a whole, I wanted to say thank you very much for participating in our first beta test.

We’ve been incredibly busy both through the event and in the hours since it ended, poring over all of the feedback and data and making plans for the next one. Between forum posts and in-game reports, you submitted over 20,000 individual pieces of feedback.

We’ve had developers, community, and QA folks looking over it constantly since the event began. Please do realize that your feedback here absolutely does matter.

We learned a lot this weekend. Most notably, we got answers to some critical questions.

What happens when you put the full population of a server on a single side, and effectively keep them in one or two zones for a whole weekend?

Could we patch all of those people? How well would the game hold up technically? How well would it play? How would the rifts and invasions play out?


The pre-patch that started a few days before the event was immediately extremely loaded. Many people were getting the files just fine, but a good number of you had to restart the patcher a few times to get them all.

You helped us figure out the biggest issues with this, and we updated the patcher a few times during the event. By the time the event began, the vast majority of people were seeing successful updates on the first try.

We still have a couple more improvements to make that should make the update experience even better in time for the next beta.

The Servers

Before the event officially began started, it became obvious that a lot more people took us up on our invitation than we had originally anticipated. Within the first hour of the event, we had to double the available number of servers. Those servers all remained highly active throughout the weekend.

The population of Freemarch never dipped below “more than we’ll need to support in the long term,” and the servers stayed responsive and stable throughout the overload.


The starting area of Terminus held up really well. People started slamming in to the point where we got a solid test of the server queues. (Thanks for putting up with that.)

During the first day, it was obvious that the quest targets in Freemarch weren’t nearly plentiful enough, and we made sure to get an update out for that as soon as we could – Based on people’s comments, it looked to have reduced quest blockages by about 95%.

By Saturday, it became obvious that our “wildly crazy active” tuning numbers for rifts, invasions, footholds and the like weren’t getting the result they were supposed to. For the first half of beta, very little of the dynamic game layer was seen or heard from.

Where we had hoped and expected to see invasions rampaging across the countryside, instead the population density had become far too high, such that invasions weren’t even getting off the ground.

We updated the game with even more insanely active tuning on Saturday night to give the invaders a chance to come out and play too, and the response in chat and submitted feedbacks was overwhelmingly positive once that started.

By the time it worked, it was a hell of a sight — Huge invasions finally freed up, setting up footholds, wiping out the local populace, and eventually being repelled by defenders.

Expect a whole lot more iterations and improvements here in the future, both to rifts and invasions. More types, more activities, and a much better tuned frequency.

We’ve spent a large part of the day today working on our plans to make sure people see obvious improvements to the dynamic layer, both in terms of frequency and diversity in time for the next beta.

From here, we’re going to continue going over everyone’s feedback, and seeing what kinds of adjustments and improvements people really want to see in the game.

We have dozens of other improvements in store, largely thanks to your comments.

Thanks again, and we’ll see you in a couple weeks!

We couldn’t have gotten here without you.

Scott Hartsman
Executive Producer, RIFT

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Originally posted by Abigale (Source)

Yes, that’s right! The first batch of Beta Event 1 emails just went out!

But I must let you know that they are going out in batches. It will take a while for them all to go out. So give it at least until tomorrow night before you panic.

I will make a post when all emails have been sent and we will address any problems then. But for now, sit tight and watch for your email. And make sure you check those darn spam filters!

Update: 10:12 p.m. PST

I posted further in this thread that all the emails have gone out for tonight. We will start sending batches out again tomorrow. That’s as much as I can tell you right now and I will give you an update tomorrow.

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Sweet, a Developer for Rift: Planes of Telara, spoke up about class design and what kind of philosophy they follow internally.

Just want to give you a little bit of insight into what our general philosophy is regarding class design and the system itself. For starters this isn’t something like Aion or the original EQII system where you choose an archetype and then specialize out from there. For us a Calling defines what classes you have access to thier most basic mechanics e.g. do I use energy, do I use mana, do I use some kind of point? It does not grant any kind of default abilities that all classes of that Calling share. It also doesn’t prevent us from adding additional mechanics if we think it’ll make the class feel and play better.