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bounties header

There has been talk about a new RIFT 2.6 feature in development called Bounties, but aside from a brief mention during a recent live stream as well as the fellow in the header image and an achievement appearing on the PTS, we haven’t heard too much about what Bounties actually are. Kerilar then teased us with a duo of images on Twitter (more on these later!) and followed up with some details on the forums regarding what exactly we have to look forward to:

Originally posted by Kerilar (Source)

Whenever you kill an NPC that gives you experience (barring critters since you never do) they will have a chance to drop a special artifact pertaining to that creature type. These artifacts go in new collections called out with a specific naming convention. For example: “Bounty: Air Elemental”.

Handing in a complete set to a Bounty Hunter NPC will further your Achievements for Bounty Hunting. Each Achievement rank grants you a Title, some unique items (including Animal Calls, Mounted Trophies for your Dimensions, and a unique cloak), and access to a special vendor who will sell some interesting potions.

Pretty simple and straight forward! I have some further ideas for later so you may be seeing more Bounty content at a later date, but for now, there you have it!

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RJ Dev Tracker

A few months ago, the RIFT community was told that while PvP dimensions are very much still in the making, the team has had to put them on the back burner of sorts due to other features that had priority. Pithos, the developer who has been personally working on PvP dimensions, gave us a new update yesterday on the official forums. He basically told us where he’s at on creating them and that he plans on touching bases with Daglar and telling us more soon. Here’s his full post:

Originally posted by Pithos (Source)

I’m the one that has been working on PvP Dimensions when time allows (which has been rare!)…

There’s still no official release date set – it largely depends on how many features we want to launch with, and how often other tasks take priority.

I’ve got a very basic version fully functional now. Current working example: Click a banner to join a team, get teleported to your team’s start point, fight, get a point (or points) each time you kill someone on a different team, when you die and hit respawn, get teleported to your team’s graveyard and resurrect, and then at the end, declare victory for the winning team (or a tie!)… All of this within a dimension of your own creation, of course.

I’ll be talking with Daglar some time soon regarding when & how we want to release this.

Sadly we don’t have a release date yet, but soon hopefully!

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RJ Dev Tracker

As mentioned last week, this Wednesday’s hotfix will be bringing some much-needed changes to the Fae Yule Grab Bags that will make holiday achievement hunting a little easier for players who enjoy options. Tacitus mentioned another couple of Fae Yule changes that should brighten our snow-filled RIFT days a little more. Here’s the big one– we’re getting approximately 10 new Fae Yule achievements this week that focus on activities in the game world! As alluded to last week, the store-incentive collection achievements will also be made to not have achievement points attached to them. Here’s what Tacitus had to say:

Originally posted by Tacitus (Source)

As I have posted elsewhere today, this is already happening in next week’s patch – all store incentive achievements are set be worth no points and will be sorted to the very bottom of the Fae Yule category as well. Approximately 10 new achievements will appear as well, based on in-game activities, that will be sorted to the top of the category (above the warfront ones even).

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fae yule grab bag news

With the arrival of 2013′s Fae Yule, there are a number of new items and achievements to grab this year. Among the new items is a new RIFT Store lockbox– the Fae Yule Grab Bag. Players can find a number of new, unique Fae Yule pets in the grab bag that go towards completing a new achievement to obtain the Snow Ki Rin mount. On the surface, it looked like this new lockbox and accompanying achievement were yet another content addition that could only be completed by putting cash toward the in-game store, but Archonix made an interesting announcement on the forums late last night.

It appears the Fae Yule Grab Bags were supposed to drop from mobs in the game world as well as randomly be found in the Patron daily gifts. Since they are not currently set that way, they will be made to do so in next week’s hotfix. As a bonus, these boxes that drop in the world and from the Patron daily will also be made tradeable.

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rift store previewable dyes

Sometimes it’s the little things that add a whole lot to our RIFT experience. Little things like artifacts, finding a new wardrobe, and getting a shiny pet are some of the little things that can turn an ordinary gaming session into something extra special. Speaking of the wardrobe system, we found out about a cool little thing headed our way that should make all of us wardrobe-chasers happier– we’re finally going to be able to preview dyes!

Gingers, one of RIFT‘s Senior UI Artists, announced the news on the forums yesterday. The previewing feature will only work inside the RIFT Store and will work with the character preview that displays on the right side of the UI frame, which means that we’ll need to equip any non-store wardrobe we want to preview. Here are some additional details:

Originally posted by Gingers (Source)

Dye previewing will NOT cost Credits.

Here is an example of how it will work: I’m looking at the dye section of the store, I click on Red Dye, the primary of my entire outfit in the store will now look red. Next I click Grey Dye, the secondary of my entire outfit will look Grey. The next color I preview will replace the primary color.

Now that I have my red and grey dyes picked out, I can keep those previewed and look at more costumes. Every costume I click on to preview will also be red and grey.

Special bonus: This will also work for previewing dye recipes!

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RJ Dev Tracker

Trion, as always, is vigilantly keeping watch on the RIFT forums and making a note of player feedback regarding the issues many had with Mech Week and the ever-increasing stash of cash shop lockboxes we’ve been seeing lately. If you haven’t been keeping up on the forums, my recent editorial sums up both issues fairly decently. Essentially, a large portion of the RIFT playerbase feels Mech Week wasn’t properly communicated and executed due to the one-time daily, its status as a “world event”, and the lack of options for completing the achievement to obtain all of the pets.

Daglar posted his thoughts in one of the threads with constructive feedback from the community, and while he admitted that lockboxes probably won’t be disappearing anytime soon due to how popular they are among RIFT players, he did reiterate that our feedback is very important to the development team. From the sounds of it, the World Event UI frame popping up for promotions like Mech Week will be sticking around as well. Daglar did mention in a later post that the team was going to reevaluate Patron rewards and hopefully come up with something cool. A credit stipend still isn’t an option at this time.

The good news is that the items inside the Temporal Vaults for Mech Week will be made bind-on-account in this week’s upcoming hotfix. This is a good move, and one that helps alleviate some of the main issues players have experienced. Daglar also admitted the following: “We also know that we didn’t do a good enough job explaining that you only receive a single temporal vault per character. We’ll be taking that into account as we go forward.”

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RJ Dev Tracker

Kervik’s back in action on the official RIFT forums, and his first order of business on Friday was to update the Mage and Cleric communities about some changes in store for both classes. For Mages especially, he’s looking to make a couple of major overhauls to the Warlock soul. Here’s what he had to say about those changes:

Originally posted by Kervik (Source)

Hey all,

First off, my apologies for being absent from this forum for as long as I have been. I dropped the ball on communicating with you all and I’ll work on getting things back to regular communication or at least letting you know if there’s going to be a while that I’ll be absent ahead of time.

To start things back off I’m going to be spending some time taking a look at Warlock. I have some ideas on what changes to make, many from the suggestions you all have been offering in various other threads. I’ll be posting my initial list of the changes I’m looking at early next week, but I want to make sure that I’m understanding your concerns and try to pass on reasons for the “why” behind these changes before/as I announce them. As usual any changes mentioned in this thread are subject to change and aren’t guaranteed to make it to the live servers. They’ll spend time on PTS for people to try them out and give feedback before they make their way to live.

So lets start with the role of the Warlock. Best case scenario I’d like the Warlock to be a high sustained damage soul with low burst. You’ll do consistent damage, but without the spikes that souls such as Pyromancer have. I like the idea of Warlock being very effective when faced with 2 or 3 targets for them to load up and maintain a full set of DoTs on. Feel free to ask questions about other aspects and I’ll answer them as best I can.

For the moment at least I’d like to have list what they’d like out of the Warlock and what they view as the biggest issue wit the soul is. If you’re calling out an issue the soul has currently, give an explanation on specifics of the issue. Even if its been said many times before I’d like to see the reasoning behind things again. And remember, posts that say only “Void Bolt is dumb” or “You suck” are really not what I’m looking for from this.

To temper expectations for any changes resulting from this thread, I’m mostly looking at quality of life type changes rather than a large scale overhaul. Don’t expect the soul to play vastly different from these updates.

For those of you concerned about other souls, I’ll be working on others as things move along with the Warlock. The next one on my list at the moment is Archon.

Kervik’s plans for improving a couple of the Cleric souls are a little more specific. Wardens, especially, will be seeing quite a few adjustments. Keep reading to take a look.

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state of the game address 2.5

It’s been a long time coming, but we finally received Daglar’s State of the Game address yesterday. In it, Daglar touched on a lot of information we already knew along with a fair dose of PR-speak, but he did reassure the community that Trion is listening to its playerbase and is always working to bring us improvements in every part of the game from graphical optimization and cross-shard functionality to PvP matchmaking improvements, dimension enhancements, and more.

He also reminded the community that Trion is trying something a little different with RIFT 2.5: Song of Dreams by rolling out new content every week. The goal with this experiment of sorts is to see how players react to the stream of steady, new content to explore since that’s exactly how Trion wants to release the content for RIFT 3.0, which is our second expansion that will take place in the Plane of Water.

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RJ Dev Tracker

Much to the surprise of many European RIFT players, Trion decided to open a brand new English EU shard on Monday after realizing that the shards players merged to– especially Zaviel– were experiencing major lag issues, queues, and performance issues due to the high volume of players. Many players expected Trion to simply reopen Argent, as this would alleviate a chunk of the population issues as well as make a whole community of European RPers quite ecstatic. Unfortunately, this did not happen. Trion wanted to ensure the new shard– Typhiria– attracted all types of players in order to immediately solve the performance/lag issues.

The lag issues are mostly solved thanks to players heading to Typhiria, but Trion is keeping a close eye on the situation. The team has also added an incentive for players who choose to transfer over to Typhiria– an extra 10% in celebration bonuses, totaling 30% to XP from kills, guild XP, prestige, plaque/mark bonus chances, favor, planarite, PA XP, and zone event currency.

For more information, check out Pithos’ update on the official forums.

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underwater content quest giver area

After last Friday’s news about RIFT 2.5 and the road leading toward 3.0 and the Plane of Water, Trion chose a pretty cool time to drop a new update on the Public Test Shard (PTS). Yep, the Ember Isle underwater content that’s going to serve as a prelude to what we may see in 3.0 is now available for player testing! The team is holding a special playtest event Today, October 29th at 3 PM PST, but the new content is playable outside of that time frame as well. Keeper Ivan in Tempest Bay (next to the porticulum) will take characters directly to the action and allow players to test out the new story quests, daily quests, carnage quests, rifts, and even a zone event that will be debuting during the test today.

Aside from that news, Daglar also posted a couple of updates for the PvP community regarding the new warfront matchmaking system and 5 vs. 5 matches that are currently in development. Keep reading to take a look.

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