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auction house limit header

You may have noticed an interesting note in the patch notes for yesterday’s hotfix. Trion has added a 200-auction limit for the amount of auctions a character can have active at once. This limit will not take stack size into consideration, only the amount of separate auctions. After some investigation, the team discovered that the auction house was lagging on some shards due to the huge amount of separate auctions some characters had. They even found a few characters who had close to 10,000 auctions up at the same time.

The team hopes to eventually increase this limit of 200 after they get a feeling for how the change affects auction house performance. The performance improvements will most likely not be noticed until all current active auctions expire, which will be in a few days.

Keep reading for a dev tracker post by Pithos, who explained the reasoning behind the change.

Oh, and one more addendum to yesterday’s hotfix: Yes, the Autumn Harvest scratcher mini-game is back on the RIFT mobile app. However, it doesn’t seem to be correctly sending players their rewards through the in-game mail system. Trion is aware of the issue and plans on addressing it within the next couple of days. They are planning to divvy out the rewards that players are missing out on after it’s fixed.

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RJ Dev Tracker

As part of this week’s forced shard transfers and merges, the European roleplaying (RP) community on Argent is being migrated to the Zaviel shard, which is purely PvE. This decision has received a large amount of negative feedback from the RIFT community, and when asked about the possibility of turning Zaviel into an RP-PvE shard in order to maintain its RP flag, Trion answered the question by maintaining that the RP flag would not be moving.

This is rather unfortunate in an MMORPG universe where it’s often a little rough for roleplayers to find a safe, open-world haven to enjoy a bit of RP. It’s also rather unfortunate that it’s currently impossible for RIFT players to transfer between EU and NA clusters, as this would allow the RP community to relocate on Faeblight, the North American RP shard.

Trion finally delivered some good news for European RPers in a forum post made by dahanese yesterday. While an exact solution hasn’t been found yet, the development team is working on one and plans to usher one out as the shard internationalization process continues to unfold fully:

Originally posted by dahanese (Source)

We’re working on options for an RP shard for the EU when we finalize and rollout our internationalization plans but that’s something that’s still in progress.

As for Faeblight: it isn’t going anywhere. There’s a hefty population there.

Daglar and I talked about a State of the Game today (he needs to get it out to you!) and I’m going to keep you guys up to date on internalization and all other plans as they move forward and towards their live date.

In all likelihood, this solution will probably have to do with allowing players to finally transfer/hop between EU and NA clusters, since Trion’s grand internalization plans will allow players from various parts of the world to enjoy the game together while still playing RIFT in their own language.

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inactive name reset

After receiving a great deal of feedback regarding next week’s planned NA/EU shard merges and transfers, Trion told the RIFT community that the team would consider doing a character name reset to free up many names that have been inactive for quite some time. Last night, dahanese announced on the forums that Trion has decided to do just that. On October 23rd when the transfers occur, character names that have been inactive for a long time will be reset so players can have a greater pool of names to choose from when their characters transfer over.

Players will be receiving an email within the next couple of days if their names are at risk of being reset due to being inactive. They will then simply need to log in to keep those names. The exact time frame it takes to be considered inactive has not been announced yet.

Keep reading to take a look at the full post.

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RJ Dev Tracker

Pithos and dahanese took the time yesterday to answer a few important questions RIFT players had regarding the automatic transfers that will occur next week during the normal downtime period. Here is a summary of the questions and answers that were originally taken from this dev tracker post as well as this one:

1. If you have max toons on your shard and the shard you’re being merged with, do you end up with more than the max on that shard, or do you have to move some?

All characters will transfer over, but you’ll only be able to see your first 12 (so if you have more than 12 after the merge, you’ll need to transfer off or delete some characters to see the rest.) If you have 12 or less between both shards, you’ll be able to access all of them.

2. Is the EU RP flag being moved with the transfer?

We are not going to move the flag.

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RJ Dev Tracker

Last week, Daglar announced that a new Conquest PvP map was going to make a debut on the Public Test Server for player testing. The new map will take place in Steppes of Infinity and scoring will consist of teams taking charges from Fort Brevo to Fort Antapo and vice versa. Daglar followed up the news yesterday with an announcement that Conquest: Steppes of Infinity will be playable this Friday, October 18th on the PTS beginning at 2:30 PM PST. And yes, there are rewards for players who take part in this early phase of testing.

Here are the details:

Originally posted by Daglar (Source)

The rough draft for the new game mode is up on PTS and needs its tires kicked this coming Friday at 2:30 PM PST.

Those that come out and participate will be eligible to receive the PvP testing title: Savage Tester.

Testers will also receive a moderate amount of loyalty if they have already passed the minimum loyalty threshold.

Everyone that shows up in the testing logs during the allotted time will also be entered in a random drawing where 5 lucky winners will receive either a Ruby Ki-Rin or a Hellbug of their choice.

Reminder: This is a rough draft / first playable so things are very likely to change!


• Capture charges in Fort Brevo and use them on extractors in Fort Antapo to gain points (And the reverse!)
• Use your planar upgrading abilities on a variety of randomly spawning Foci to gain points for your team.

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steppes of infinity angry sky

During one of Daglar’s recent forum posts regarding changes he’d like to see made for PvP in RIFT, he mentioned the fact that the team is planning to add another map for Conquest. Yesterday he announced what map we’re going to be seeing as well as some details regarding its arrival. It seems the angry skies of Steppes of Infinity will be our next Conquest playground. This new mode is likely to arrive on the Player Test Shard for us to check out this Thursday. The team is shooting for Conquest: Steppes of Infinity to reach live shards sometime after the 2.5 update, but this date hasn’t been set in stone yet.

Keep reading to check out Daglar’s full post.

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RJ Dev Tracker

Over the weekend, MikeD team posted some updates on the official forums regarding the current Mayhem in Mathosia mini world event and some of the issues players are experiencing while taking part. He also included a note about the “first 25″ sets of achievements and whether or not we’re likely to see achievements like them in the future.

Ailion was busy on the forums as well on Friday, when he released a list of potential adjustments for Warriors that change how many of the current specs play massively as well as a list of experimental, PvP-only changes the team is considering adding to melee souls. Both lists of changes are currently on the PTS and are very much still in flux.

Keep reading for a look at the three dev tracker posts.

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mayhem achievements header

RIFT‘s Mayhem in Mathosia events (like the one starting today!) are supposed to be events that take us back to the old world and encourage us to band together and search out zone events– and therefore goodies and achievements– as a group. The mentoring system helps with this sort of cooperation, of course, but there’s also the fact that since the temporary events add in new achievements and RIFT Store rewards, there are a lot of players who want to take part. This is a good thing most of the time, except when it comes to Mayhem achievements like the ones that showed up on the PTS earlier this week.

There are a handful of achievements for the Mayhem event beginning today that will be rewarded to the first 25 players who complete the quest that’s a part of each of the event’s phases (see title image). These achievements will award Crucia’s Supply Crates, and according to the PTS data– we also thought they were supposed to reward players with achievement points. Now, it doesn’t take a mathematician to realize that there are going to be a whole lot of players who are unable to grab these achievements.

MikeD announced on the forums yesterday that these achievements, are, in fact, not supposed to reward achievement points. Keep reading for more information and some general thoughts on the addition of these achievements.

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For a few months now, Daglar has tried to keep an open line of communication with RIFT‘s PvP community. He’s discussed his honest thoughts on world PvP a time or two, and didn’t hesitate to express his opinions on why multiboxing in Warfronts saw its swift demise a month ago. He even has taken the time to add additional alternate-mode Warfronts to the game on his days off. Daglar wants to see PvP in RIFT more fun for everyone. The real question is… how?

Yesterday he took to the PvP forums again and posted a few long-winded but awesome thoughts in this particular thread, where players had been outlining and collecting a bunch of suggestions and ideas for the development team on what improvements they’d like to see regarding PvP in RIFT. He deluged some interesting info, and as always, was honest with his thoughts.

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RJ Dev Tracker

Update 9/26: With a new Mayhem event around the corner and Autumn Harvest soon following, Trion is now thinking about delaying The Devouring Swarm until sometime in early November.

Due to a few things breaking in between the PTS testing and the launch of “The Devouring Swarm”, an Architect-themed Meridian/Sanctum city siege event that was supposed to go live for a week beginning yesterday, the event was temporarily disabled late yesterday after players noticed that damage wasn’t scaling quite right and crafting alts were randomly getting slaughtered by overeager level 62 Architects.

No current ETA is known regarding when the event will be fixed and brought back on live shards. Here is Tacitus’ announcement:

Originally posted by Tacitus (Source)

We are disabling the event “The Devouring Swarm” at this time.

As many people found out, to much dismay, it looks like something broke between the PTS event and it going Live. A number of the creature abilities are not behaving as they are supposed to be behaving and not scaling their damage appropriately. As a result, it was having greatly unintended consequences for low level players in its current state.

We have disabled the event until we can track down what broke and implement a fix.

No eta on a return yet.

Our thoughts go out to the many would be heroes of Meridian and Sanctum that met their fates at the brutal hands of the Architect Swarm.

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