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RJ Dev Tracker

A few months ago, the RIFT community was told that while PvP dimensions are very much still in the making, the team has had to put them on the back burner of sorts due to other features that had priority. Pithos, the developer who has been personally working on PvP dimensions, gave us a new update yesterday on the official forums. He basically told us where he’s at on creating them and that he plans on touching bases with Daglar and telling us more soon. Here’s his full post:

Originally posted by Pithos (Source)

I’m the one that has been working on PvP Dimensions when time allows (which has been rare!)…

There’s still no official release date set – it largely depends on how many features we want to launch with, and how often other tasks take priority.

I’ve got a very basic version fully functional now. Current working example: Click a banner to join a team, get teleported to your team’s start point, fight, get a point (or points) each time you kill someone on a different team, when you die and hit respawn, get teleported to your team’s graveyard and resurrect, and then at the end, declare victory for the winning team (or a tie!)… All of this within a dimension of your own creation, of course.

I’ll be talking with Daglar some time soon regarding when & how we want to release this.

Sadly we don’t have a release date yet, but soon hopefully!

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three springs title

In Patch 2.3, one of the many things being added to RIFT is another new personal dimension. This one’s also based off the popularly-requested Moonshade Highlands map and is called Three Springs. Three Springs is a fairly large dimension based on the Three Springs area of the in-game zone, of course, and it comes with a gorgeous bit of interior space. The Assembly House in Three Springs is completely accessible, which will give dimensioneers some pretty cool options.

The key for Three Springs will set you back 300 Plat and can be purchased at the vendor with all the other dimension keys in Tempest Bay. The dimension itself comes with a 1000-item limit. And the best part? Three Springs is currently available on the Player Test Shard for us to check out. Keep reading for our screenshot preview.

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wedding dimension title

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Trion has added a brand new dimension item vendor to Tempest Bay that lets Telaran lovebirds pull out all the punches on that special, in-game wedding day. Yep, we’re talking the full deal– wedding altars, fancy tables and benches, ribboned pillars, huge candles, and lots and lots of flowers. Feeling romantic yet? The vendor in question is found in the wedding registry area of Tempest bay, which is right across from most of the other dimension vendors. He goes by the name Dzigo. It’s pretty hard to miss the nearby balloon towers.

Keep reading to see his full stock including images and prices.

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It’s safe to call dimensions a hit now, and there are amazing examples of building and decorating available for players to see on every server. Really there’s no one “right” way to build a dimension as the whole point is making your mark on the world, but it turns out there is a wrong way to build one!

Character Mercredi on the Deepwood server bought a dimension and started laying the floor for her new house. She returned to Port Tempest to buy some more materials, but on zoning back in her dimension she spawned under the world and promptly drowned in invisible water. Testing showed that this happened every time now, for both her and any other visitor. So what happened?

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Trion announced the second Storm Legion beta event late yesterday, which will run from Friday, October 19th at 10 AM PST until Wednesday, October 24th at 8 AM PST. Two big things to make note of– we’re getting a couple days extra on top of the weekend of beta time, and yes, the beta event will run during Extra Life 2012, which RIFT players will be able to take part in. Extra Life participants will be able to play on the live RIFT servers or beta servers in order to reach their allotted amount of time.

Here’s some info about what we’ll be seeing during the beta event, which will cover levels 1-56:

The zones of City Core, Eastern Holdings, and the death-touched realm of Seratos await exploration and conquest!

  • Fight your way through new dungeons while revealing Crucia’s diabolical machinations
  • Explore new zones including the twisted realm of Seratos and fallen civilization of Eastern Holdings
  • Unlock and build in Dimensions, customizable player- and guild-owned slivers of Telara
  • Experience Hunt Rifts, grandmaster crafting, puzzles, and more as you embrace your destiny in a storm of conflict and adventure

More to explore! Also, in case you haven’t heard, beta testers will be getting a title of “the Traveler”.

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By the time PAX Prime 2012 started last Friday, I was already pretty excited about dimensions. I’ve always been a fan of housing in MMOs, and the video tour Trion gave at last month’s GamesCom convention was really promising. After seeing the system firsthand, I’m even more of a convert.

That’s not just idle fangirl talk, either. The versatility of dimension design is almost overwhelming. Storm Legion will launch with over 200 housing items, ranging from basic planks and rocks to hanging lamps and telescopes. Some items will have special on-click abilities, and everything can be resized and placed anywhere in the dimension. And they mean anywhere.

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This weekend at PAX Prime 2012, Trion Worlds put on quite a show with all of the goodies they had to offer. The company showcased RIFT a great deal, naturally, diving into areas of Storm Legion that we haven’t seen before. We were also shown some of the new Bard skills in action. On top of all that, we also found out some new details about the expansion! It was a good weekend, and thanks to Trion’s TwitchTV page, it’s possible to view the footage at any time.

There’s a lot of footage to cover, however, thanks to three days of live streams. That’s why we’re here to offer up some of the best highlights of the three-day event, show off some screenshots, videos, and all the juicy details that were new information reveals. As a warning, all of the footage below was originally captured from Trion’s live streams, so graphical/sound quality may not be the best. Let’s take a look, shall we?

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Role-players, you may have more to look forward to in Storm Legion (also known as RIFT 2.0) besides the awesome potential, of course, that are Dimensions. Last Friday, Trion posted a stickied thread in the Role-play forum going over some of the past changes RPers have suggested, including a few of the RP player-created addons that are out there. In addition, the team is asking for suggestions players have regarding features they’d like to see added to Soul Legion that may enhance their RP enjoyment. The thread, Improving the Role-Play experience in Rift v2.0, is full of solid suggestions so far, including:

  • Improve regulation of Role-play Terms of Service
  • Provide better tools for Role-players to connect
  • Interactable Objects you can sit on
  • Better walking functionality
  • Weapon wardrobe slots
  • More emotes and emote animations
  • Increased customizable features for dimensions, including building type and “skin”
  • Last names
  • Additional prefix titles

Some good ideas here! If you’re interesting in RP at all, make sure and give the thread a peek and offer up suggestions of your own.

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During GamesCom yesterday, Trion showed off quite an awesome presentation of their Storm Legion player and guild housing system in action. The amount of customization possible within the system seems quite staggering, and the promise of new, exotic locales for Dimension housing is also impressive. Why hang a dragon scale on your wall when you can live in a defeated dragon’s lair instead?

RIFT’s unique sliver mechanic makes a great springboard for the coming flexibility of the various Dimension locations. While it’s not a perfect system when it comes to having an impact on the real world of Telara, it will undoubtedly make for some memorable housing locations.

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It’s time for more Storm Legion speculation and idea brainstorming! This time we’re speculating about the announced addition of player/guild housing, which is going to take place in player-made dimensions, or slivers of areas around Telara. We don’t know too many details yet, but what we do know came from the Gamespot exclusive posted last week:

“Other additions relate more to Rift’s social aspects than to its battles. Capes are coming, for instance, along with player areas called dimensions that function somewhat like player housing in other MMOGs. Let’s say you rested at a Telaran inn that overlooked a shimmering waterfall. How great would it be to claim that inn for you and your guildmates? What if there was a parallel universe, where you could decorate it and furnish your inn just as you wanted? That is precisely what dimensions will offer: a way to own your very own corner of a very big game.”

Players have hoped for some form of player/guild housing for a while now, but this dimension/sliver idea came as a pleasant surprise to many fans. It’s a creative idea, uniquely suited to RIFT, and sounds like it will allow players a large dose of freedom. Now all we need is, you know, more details. In the meantime, players have started a few community discussions on what ideas they’d like to see implemented into the system. Here is one such discussion. Let’s take a look at some of those ideas!