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During last Friday’s Trion live stream extravaganza, Captaincursor showed up to answer some questions regarding RIFT 2.5: Song of Dreams and even a few regarding RIFT 3.0, which is our next expansion that will take place in the Plane of Water. Not too many new reveals were discovered during this live stream, but Captaincursor did mention a few things of interest.

In other news, Trion recently registered some new domain names under the name of “Trove”. It definitely seems to be a game’s name from the looks of it, as each are registered under URLs like “” and “”. Could this be related to the title of the expansion? RIFT: Trove of Tides, perhaps? Or possibly it’s for another game the team is working on? There are lots of possibilities here.

Keep reading to take a look at Captaincursor’s hints regarding water combat in 3.0.

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Dimensions are, without a doubt, one of the coolest features in Storm Legion. Leveling’s definitely important for the moment, but hey– style is important, too! Just in case you want to get your style on and build your own slice of Telara, here’s a guide to help you get started. This guide’s focus will be on dimension building from a beginner’s point of view. Stay tuned for more advanced guides later down the road.

First things first– grabbing your first dimension. RIFT’s dimension system is very intuitive, luckily, and there are two ways to gain your first dimension. You can either simply purchase a key from any of the dimension vendors (so far they seem to be in Meridian/Sanctum, Argent Glade/King’s Retreat and most major towns and cities of Storm Legion), or start the beginning dimension quest chain, which can be obtained in Meridian/Sanctum. The introduction quest series is a nice way to get a feel for how to go about building in your dimension, and also gives you a starter pack of goodies to play with.

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This very large map of the Dusken continent comes complete with all points of interest marked and labeled. Hubs and Porticulum areas have names outlined in blue. Other points of interest are outlined in black. This is information taken during Storm Legion’s open beta, so everything’s still subject to change before Tuesday.

Important note: This is also a work in progress on my end. I’m pretty sure I missed a few Porticulum points. After Storm Legion launches, I’ll be sure to update it with a current map, clean it up, and add any points I’ve missed, as well as make a map for the Brevane continent.

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Dusken is one of the two new continents in Storm Legion, and like its name, the land mass seems shrouded in the very essence of dusk itself– an oncoming darkness. The element of Death has worked its way into almost every nook and cranny, and grotesque abominations wait to chomp after any intrepid wanderer. The landscape is dark, full of greys, violets, browns, and blues, yet among the dreary colors there’s a certain kind of beauty. In the skies, thunder rolls. In the shadows, light flickers. As I made my way through the continent during beta, I couldn’t help but capture a series of screenshots depicting some of the beautiful sights of Dusken.

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During the final Storm Legion beta weekend, Volan, the massive, tech-influenced colossus that was first previewed months ago during E3 came out to show players just how dangerous he is. If you didn’t get a chance to take part in the fight yourself, one of our new Rift Junkies video gurus, SilentStorm, captured an impromptu video of Volan causing quite a bit of death and destruction all around. The fight definitely took those who stumbled upon it by surprise!

Keep reading to watch to the video.

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Storm Legion is almost upon us, and thanks to the fun-filled beta weekends, Patch 1.11, and Trion’s media coverage and live streams, the last few weeks have literally been a storm of new information for fans to digest. There’s no denying the fact that there are some cool, new features headed our way in Storm Legion, but what about what’s already changed in 1.11? We’ve just seen some major changes to our favorite callings, and some of the new Storm Legion souls are quite impressive. At times like this it’s almost inevitable that many players will rethink their main classes.

There’s also the fact that many of our current souls have seen complete playstyle shifts. One of most challenging aspects about RIFT’s intricate soul system is the fact that Trion has to almost keep constant watch on balance, and be ready to tweak certain callings if necessary (and they certainly aren’t afraid to do so!). The tweaks aren’t always to everyone’s liking, naturally, but perfect balance between every single calling is something we may never see, unfortunately, which is part of the reason why we see constant tweaks.

The good news? RIFT’s complex soul system does have some obvious perks, and one of those is the fact that since we have so many options available to us, if we’re unhappy with a particular role, spec, or soul, it’s fairly simple to change things up and try our hands at a new playstyle. And if that doesn’t work? With Storm Legion upon our doorstep, now’s the perfect time to consider changing mains.

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We received a couple announcements on the forums yesterday regarding how downtime will work on November 13th, the day Storm Legion will be unleashed. Last week, we found out that Trion will be launching the expansion during the morning hours, but now we know the exact time frame, which is quite similar to RIFT’s initial launch– 10 AM PST, or perhaps a little earlier. Downtime will begin at 8 AM PST, and Elrar estimated it will last around two hours at most. Here’s the announcement:

Originally posted by Elrar (Source)

We’re planning for an 8AM Pacific/4PM GMT World-Wide Downtime on Tuesday, November 13th.

At this time we’re planning that it will take up to two hours, after which all shards will be unlocked and Storm Legion will be officially released!

For those concerned about download speeds, remember we do have the Streaming Client – this will enable you to begin enjoying the game while the final data is downloaded in the background.

We will do our best to make the downtime as brief as possible to avoid eating into Europe’s evening Prime Time hours

Earlier in the thread, Elrar also mentioned that all RIFT players will have a patch to download after that downtime on the 13th, but thanks to 1.11, pre-orderers shouldn’t experience too much of a delay due to downloading the patch.

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As Storm Legion quickly approaches, many players who enjoy crafting are wondering how exactly the recipe currency system will work this time around, and whether or not the costs make sense in their current state on beta. Taleen had a few words to share about the mark requirements for crafting recipes in Storm Legion on the official forums. Also touched on is the matter of crafting lures.

Originally posted by Taleen (Source)

With the usual “I’m not promising anything and this is always subject to change” clause …

1) The current cost of recipes is unlikely to change much, if at all. However, there will likely be addition ways to acquire various marks (AMs, MCMs, and GMCMs) added in the future if we feel that the addition of new recipes and the ballooning costs create an unhealthy environment for new players.

2) Upgrading MCMs to GMCMs (probably at a rate of about 35:1) will likely appear in a post-release patch. Downgrading marks is unlikely at this current time, but not entirely impossible eventually.

3) The rate at which new recipes appear in future patches should be much better than it was with Live. We really didn’t add any substantial crafting updates until Infernal Dawn. I’m hoping to prevent that from happening again.

4) Crafting Lures for Storm Legion zones will likely appear in a post-release patch.

All this sounds pretty good to me.

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Storm Legion’s final beta weekend, which is a completely open beta, begins this morning at 10 AM PST, and one of the new features we’ll be getting to test out is the brand new Warfront Trion is adding in Storm Legion, Karthan Ridge. Trion is looking to do some player testing in Karthan Ridge this weekend, and is going to be holding a series of special events that include dev-slaying and nifty player rewards. Keep reading to see the full announcement, which was posted on the official forums yesterday afternoon by Elrar.

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Since the main quest line for Tempest Rising, Storm Legion’s prelude world event, grants a cosmetic wardrobe set including a chestpiece for the last step, some players questioned whether or not the quest line will disappear once the expansion launches. We received a confirmation on the forums yesterday (as well as one on Twitter) stating that the quest line will stay around just in case players would like to complete it at a later date on alt characters, etc.

Here is that announcement:

Originally posted by Mortt (Source)

I wanted to pop in to let you all know that the Storm Legion Prelude quest line (that gives out this set) will be sticking around after this event ends. So if you are not yet 50, you will still be able to complete it at a later date.

Handy bit of info for wardrobe and alt connoisseurs.

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