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RIFT is preparing to launch their eighth major content update, bringing to us a new raid, new trade-skills and the ever-expanding role of Instant Adventures. This week, we sat in on a conference call with Hal Hanlin, Scott Hartsman and Adam Gershowitz, and discussed everything that is coming with this latest patch. We even got a taste of what is coming on down the road.

There were plenty of questions regarding Fishing and Survival. We learned that these new skills don’t just bring reasons to roleplay and play around, they bring actual benefits to your character, from a power and convenience perspective. For example, the tents and bedrolls for survival are not just for roleplaying purposes; they do have effects. According to Adam Gershowitz, from a gameplay perspective, they are there to give you a little bit of rest experience as well! The developers main focus is to allow players to pitch a tent, so that they can attend to things happening in real life, like kids or making dinner, and not force the player to head back to town to log off safely.

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The beginning stages of RIFT’s Patch 1.7 are now on the PTS for player testing, and with the patch come some interesting changes to endgame. The PTS patch notes can be found here if you haven’t had a chance to check them out yet. The changes are an attempt to smooth out endgame progression in general and the gear obtained during the various phases of endgame. What does this mean, exactly? For starters, it’s a step in the right direction.

A few weeks ago, I wrote an editorial summing up the current state of RIFT’s endgame. In it, I basically discuss a gap that seems to be increasing in size between RIFT’s casual/social population and its raider population. The world of Telara is a great place to relax and enjoy small group content, but it also supports a thriving raiding community that’s eager to get back into action when Infernal Dawn is released. The problem is, there aren’t a lot of players in between these two groups. Thus, a gap is created. This makes it difficult for Hammerknell guilds to recruit and for players to obtain the gear necessary to become recruited.

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Yesterday VooDoo of Dayblind was the first in the world to gain the Conqueror Achievement, having complete every achievement in Hammknell. Congratulations to them! Above you can see a picture of the Murdantix reward mount and a list of all achievement completed.

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If you’re new to RIFT or your guild is just getting ready to make a push into Hammerknell, then you might be wondering what might be the best strategy for you and your guild to execute. Hammerknell is a very large raid zone that has gone through many iterations and tweaks since it went live many months ago, so there can be a lot of mixed information out there. One common question we see quite often is, “What order should we tackle the bosses?” It’s a great question and may vary depending on your guild’s strengths. Let’s take a look at each of Hammerknell’s wings and see what might be the best path for you and your guild.

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If you have any information or leads to world firsts, please send them to with a screenshot of the kill and a time stamp.

UPDATE: All world region firsts have been recorded. We still do not have a US first on Darktide. Congratulations to everyone! Here’s to the next raid race.

  • Vip of Freeholme (6:23pm 7/27) (US)
  • Special Olympics (7:10pm 7/27) (EU)

  • Maximation (8:22pm 7/27) (US)
  • Special Olympics (10:16pm 7/27) (EU)

  • Maximation (6:24pm 7/28) (US)
  • Special Olympics (2:28pm 7/30) (EU)

  • Maximation (9:55pm 7/28) (US)
  • Special Olympics (6:03pm 8/11)

  • VooDoo (7:19pm 8/11) (US)
  • Special Olympics (9:33pm 8/15) (EU)

  • VooDoo (11:36pm 8/11) (US)
  • Special Olympics (9:24pm 8/16) (EU)

  • Maximation (10:43pm 8/15) (US)
  • Special Olympics (7:06pm 8/23) (EU)

  • Maximation (No Time Given Yet 8/22) (US)
  • Special Olympics (10:13pm 8.25) (EU)

  • Special Olympics (9:44pm 8/26) (EU)

  • Voodoo (9:18pm 9/27) (US)
  • Special Olympics (10:14pm 10/03) (EU)

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Congratulations to Voodoo for taking down Akylios!

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Many people have been in Hammerknell for a while now, many more are stepping in every single day for the first time. With the exception of Murdantix, there is one common denominator for all of the fights: they all last more than 10 minutes. If you’ve been progressing through Hammerknell since it’s release you might be teetering on the brink of insanity right now.

One of the major problems we see with Hammerknell is that the encounter take so damn long and quite often one single mistake wipes the raid. While most of the fights, mechanically, are fantastic and fun; they wear on most people. Just from personal anecdotal evidence, players are quitting due to stress and fatigue.

Let’s take a look at Sicaron for example. If you don’t have a raid full of Prestige Rank 8 Warriors all doing 3k dps, the average fight time is around 11-12 minutes. The whole fight requires precise placement of the bubbled bombs and later on in the fight, a quick and precise rotation of purging, and a rigorous eye for cleansing the raid.

At any time during this fight, if someone missing a purge, cleanse or overlaps a bubbled bomb, the raid wipes. There is no room for mistakes or error. If you are not on your game, you lose.

While expecting players to play amazing is not a crazy expectation, the problem is that when everything is going well and in the 10th minute a purger lags for a second, or his mouse twitches, or he simply missing a cure, everyone dies and you have to start all over again. You have to sit through the first 10 minutes which you have down, all over again.

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Ssly dives head first into the PTS to check out Trions latest content type, 2 man content in the Chronicles of Hammerknell. Check it out!

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Since it will be quite some time before we put out our full Hammerknell Raid guide, we thought it might be fun to post a myriad of raid videos from different guilds for each of the bosses down so far (minus the latest Garau kill).

UPDATED: Garau kill video.

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With the launch of Hammerknell, we’re going to begin covering it on a weekly basis, giving the community updates on rankings and world first as they happen. This first episode we interview Opi of Maximation, a guild with plenty of World Firsts, on his opinion of Hammerknell so far.

Enjoy the show! For the full interview transcript, please keep reading after the break.

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