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Guide Cleric Healing

The Sentinel Cleric soul is a versatile healing soul that can be used for either 5-mans or raiding. It offers a wide range of single target, bursty heals with various cast times and a decent amount of AoE healing that can even do well in a raid with the right soul pairing. Sentinel also has a good number of cooldowns and tank cooldowns. In a 5-man Expert, it makes an excellent solo healing soul. In a raid, Sentinels can offer some of the versatility of a Chloromancer as well as a palette of useful cooldows for progression attempts.

There are a few solid Sentinel specs out there, but here are two– the 61 Sentinel / 12 Warden / 3 Inquisitor and the 61 Sentinel / 15 Purifier / 0 Warden. The spec with Warden is more suited for healing in a raid environment while the spec with Purifier is better for 5-man Experts and other smaller group content.

Note: This guide is based off a guide originally found on the official RIFT forums and written by Ahov.

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Guide Cleric Raid Shielding

For many progression fights, having a Cleric Purifier in the raid group is extremely helpful due to the Purifier’s ability to shield players and thus absorb a great deal of damage. There are a few variants of this healing spec out there, but this is one version that effectively gives you everything you need to throw up as many raid shields as possible while giving you plenty of options for high HPS (healing-per-second) and raid utility.

Here’s the build– the 54 Purifier / 21 Sentinel / 1 Inquisitor spec. This spec complements Chloromancer HPS with raw shielding and focusing ability. When there are periods of burst damage on a few but preferably one player, Purifier is often the ideal role. The spec also brings Empowering Light, an AoE cleanse, and Sterilize, a complete single-target cleanse.

Note: This guide is based off a guide originally found on the official RIFT forums and written by Ahov.

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RJ Dev Tracker

Chloromancer healers are in excellent shape right now as far as balance is concerned except for one little issue in groups that feature more than one Chloro– their veil abilities (Lifegiving Veil and Lifebound Veil) do not affect other Chloros if they, too, have a veil buff up. This generally isn’t an issue if a group has both Mage and Cleric healers, but for groups that end up stacking Chloros, this sometimes presents a challenge. Chloro healers have been popular in Storm Legion so far, and some players on the official forums are asking Trion to reconsider how veil abilities work for the soul.

Daglar issued the following response regarding the suggestion:

Originally posted by Daglar (Source)

I hate coming out and saying no, but that is what I’m going to do here.

There are no plans in to change the mechanic with Chloros where their veils do not affect other veil holders.

Trion’s stance on the matter is most likely due to a couple of reasons, one of which is probably to prevent groups from stacking Chloros in excessive numbers.

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After a recent update, Chloromancers received a nice little boost while tank healing that wasn’t entirely intentional. Kervik posted about the change in the Patch 2.1 Mage Bug Discussion forum on Friday. Here’s what he had to say:

Originally posted by Kervik (Source)

As an update for you all, the jump in healing from the update was unintentional (if you hadn’t guessed already). We’ve found the issue and are working on a fix. I don’t have an estimate at the moment for when it will hit the servers, but it should be some time next week at the latest.

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Some of us have already seen a bit of the Defiler– the expansion’s new Cleric soul– in action on Storm Legion’s beta server, but for those who haven’t, here is all the information and highlights from Friday’s Cleric reveal live stream, which will most likely be viewable on Trion’s TwitchTV page shortly. For now, if you’d like to watch it, it can be found on Youtube.

The Defiler soul’s slightly different from the other new Storm Legion souls thematically. The team referred to the soul as “tragically misunderstood.” It is a ranged healing soul, capable of both AoE healing and tank healing, as well as putting out decent damage. Defilers are unique in that they balance both life and death within their fingertips. The soul does require some fairly in-depth strategy to play to its full potential, which may be why it’s somewhat misunderstood thus far.

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Patch 1.11 hit the Public Test Server last week and players have been anxious to preview the changes to their favorite souls. Along with hefty alterations to the individual souls, the PTR also shows a new direction for RIFT in combat design. All the changes deserve a close look over the next few weeks, starting today with the Cleric healing souls Purifier, Senticar, and Warden.

The current design of skills in original RIFT encourages players to stack similar spells with cast times using macros. In Storm Legion, Trion seems to be moving towards more instant skills with different cooldowns. The result is more skills being used routinely during combat, and more space being taken on your hotbar. Arguably combat is about to get more difficult, although also more fun with each player having a more diverse toolkit.

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Warden Newbie Healing Guide

In keeping with the theme of creating relevant posts that are meant to help newer players who are on the path to reaching the level cap,  I have decided to start a series of guides that will help you figure out how to spec and perform with each of the various healing souls in Rift.  Because I tend to play a Cleric more than anything else, the first few posts will revolve around how to heal as a Purifier, Sentinel, or Warden at the lower levels, followed by how to heal as a Chloromancer, if you are a Mage.

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Hello, everyone! In this installment of The Divine Retribution we will take a look at Clerics as healers. The Warden, Sentinel, and Purifier souls will be examined in this article; sample builds and useful tips will be given for each of them. I will also go over some general healing knowledge that all dedicated healers may want to have.

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Healing in PvP can be stressful at times, especially if you’re using an incorrect build. This article is going to discuss and analyze healing souls for PvP, and discuss the synergy between different souls. We will also touch briefly on how to counter healing, as well as avoiding these counters as a healer. In a later blog I will discuss the PvP soul for each class, but for the time being, we will just be talking about soul specific PvP talents.

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While other classes are capable of healing, the Cleric appears to stand as the best pure healing class. While one of the truly great things that the soul system of Rift offers is a myriad of choices on how to play your character, certain souls seem match well with a play style. Further examining the main healing souls can help with creating the healer you want. The big 3 of the healing souls would be Sentinel, Warden, and Purifier. While the Justicar does offer some melee damage healing that would be a great asset in raid, let’s focus more on the 3 casting healer souls.