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RJ Patch Notes

Updates: As of this morning (11/7), due to technical issues discovered after the patch yesterday, dimensions and wishlists have been temporarily disabled. This will presumably be fixed later today. Also, there have been a couple amendments to the Patch Notes below. They’re listed at the bottom. Finally, it seems that with the new updates to Iron Pine Peak, all discovered porticulum points in that zone have been reset. It’s time to take a trip to IPP again!


Mini-Saga: Song of Dreams
Return to Ember Isle, where expeditions are mysteriously disappearing undersea. Brave madness (and drowning) to discover a new menace to Telara amid the Song of Dreams. Once you hear it, there’s no going back!

Gifts of the Fae
Starting Nov. 13, Grandfather Frost unveils a new Level-60 version of a favorite Telaran instance every week, including community-choice Return to Deepstrike, a completely new adventure into the heart of Stonefield.

Iron Pine Peak (27-35)
We’re thawing the level requirement on quests and content in Iron Pine Peak, the majestic home of the Icewatch. Level your way into the Peak’s permanent winter straight from Gloamwood or Stonefield.

Infinity Gate Dimension
Lay claim to the ancient Brevanic Gateway that started it all, and show off with new Dimension items available only from artifact sets scattered throughout Expert dungeons.

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RJ Patch Notes

While we’re waiting for RIFT 2.5: Song of Dreams to patch on live shards, there’s one thing we can do to prepare ourselves for this pretty impressive update. We can take a look at the patch notes that were published yesterday on the forums. We’ll post the final version of the patch notes later in the day once the update has gone out, but for now, here’s one tidbit that we all have been curious about since Trion first announced that 2.5 would contain a fair amount of staggered content that will we will see added weekly– the release schedule:

Nov. 13 – Return To Deepstrike (60)
Nov. 20 – Hammerknell Chronicle (60)
Nov. 27 – Greenscale’s Blight Chronicle (60)
Dec. 4 – Drowned Halls (60)
Dec. 11 – Planebreaker Bastion: Aftermath
Dec. 18 – River Of Souls Chronicle (60)

Unfortunately, this means we’ll have to wait a little while longer before testing out the live version of Planebreaker Bastion: Aftermath as well as the new version of Drowned Halls. The good news? There’s still a fair amount of content to explore beginning today. Make sure to check out our preview if you haven’t already done so.

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RJ Patch Notes

Note: For a list of updated known issues regarding the update, make sure to check out this forum thread.


As the Ascended rush to control the Infinity Gate, its ancient magic stirs to life and summons furious enemies from the planes beyond. Defeat Breaker X1, Swarm Lord Twins Mordan and Viktus, and a Karthan juggernaut to secure the gate and pave the way to Planebreaker Bastion. (Maximum of 20 players.)

A stroke of cosmic unluck has given rise to a nightmarish Realm of the Fae, a dream world where Atrophinius’ deepest fears take on physical form and threaten Telara itself. Chimeric versions of familiar foes now await the Ascended, grinding axes (and teeth and claws) for the twisted battles to come. (Maximum of 5 players.)

Adventure through an alternate Telara where a victorious Laethys reigns from the depths of her volcanic lair. Sabotage the dragon’s plans for invasion by laying low Maklamos the Scryer, Rusila Dreadblade, and Laethys herself! (Maximum of 2 players.)

Ascend to new heights of power with PvP Rank 90 armor and weapons.

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RJ Patch Notes

In this week’s hotfix we see AoE damage lowered for a significant amount of bosses in Frozen Tempest, Endless Eclipse and Grim Awakening. Now, before you grab your pitchforks and start shouting “Content nerfs! Trion are catering the game towards casuals!”, be aware that these changes have most likely been made because of the recent Purifier changes, meaning that the entire raid can no longer have a 15-20k shield. When this content was originally created, it was tuned around everyone being almost constantly shielded.

Since the Purifier changes, the main change being that now only a maximum of 3 people can be shielded at any time, this caused a lot of the fights to be considerably more challenging than originally intended and in certain scenarios have ‘almost’ unavoidable one-shot deaths. Think of it as more of a ”These fights have been adjusted to the difficulty originally intended” change than a ”Trion is catering the game towards casuals” change.

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RJ Patch Notes

Note: As with any major patch, there are a handful of known issues in RIFT 2.3. Check this thread for more details as well as ETAs on fixes.


No trials. No tricks. No traps. We’ve made all of Telara free while adding exciting new Loyalty rewards and benefits for the most dedicated Ascended. Learn more on our Free to Play page where we cover new free-player and Patron options plus the RIFT Store, Gifting, and REX.

Home to lush jungles and windswept dunes, Dendrome is the heart of Update 2.3. Explore its vast reaches and battle the Architects and Awakened where new threats rise and burrow. Along the way you’ll find unrivaled artifacts, events, and challenges, meet and drink with old friends in the riotous town of Hailol, and seek the egg of an unhatched dragon god … one whose fate is yours to decide!

Energy from the shattered Blood Storm has given rise to terrifying creatures across Dendrome. The greatest of these menaces ?Kaaz’Ra, Senbora the Devourer, and Ahkane the Eternal ?stalk the open world, battling Ascended in dynamically-scaling raid encounters. Defeat each boss in new weekly quests that offer a chance at raid gear plus guaranteed tokens, infinity stones, and more.

Ahkane the Eternal must die in the Venific Locus, Kaaz’Ra must die in Hive Kaaz’Gfuu and Senbora the Devourer must die in Greenscale’s Crater, or players will not receive credit for their deaths!

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RJ Dev Tracker

Hellbugs are pouring out of fire rifts everywhere in RIFT, but Hellbug mounts, on the other hand, are proving a little more difficult to come across. RNG is RNG, as they say, but Trion is making one adjustment to help us out during our searches. In a future patch, all Hellbug rewards including pets and mounts will be made Bind on Account. The announcement was made first by MikeD then later confirmed by Elrar, who also reminded players that these rifts will stick around for a while, so there’s no need to feel pressured to farm all of the Hellbugs within this first week of release.

Originally posted by Elrar (Source)

Just wanted to mention again – the Invasive Species Fire Rift will remain in-game for the forseeable future, at this time there are no plans to remove it from the regular rotation of fire rifts.

As Mike mentioned – all of the Hellbug rewards will be made Bind on Account in an upcoming Hot Fix.

If ya feel a bit burned out (no pun intended) on killing Hellbugs trying to get the rarer rewards I encourage you to take a break and enjoy other parts of RIFT – they’ll be there for ya when you return

Thanks all, have fun, good luck and have a wonderful weekend!

Happy hunting!

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RJ Patch Notes

* Further decreased the damage reduction on AoE damage in PVP for levels 45+.
* PVP: Fixed Chilling Rune triggering diminishing returns in PVP.
* Dimension item Orange Brevane Lightpost now glows.

* Ashora: Onslaught: Fixed some pathing for Onslaught invasions heading into Dendrome.
* Droughtlands: Pesticide Genocide: Quest item now remains usable for the second objective if you die or exit an instance without using it.

Quest content in all of Freemarch and Silverwood has been adjusted for a smoother experience.
- Main story quests are more clearly marked, with improved rewards.
- Many ancillary quests now auto-complete when objectives are finished.
- Many unique named mobs are now Carnage quests with improved rewards, and can be completed by both factions.
* Freemarch: The Porticulum at Knight’s Stand has been moved to Denegar’s Stand.
* Silverwood: A Porticulum has been added to Highglades Lookout, near the entrance to Hedgerow Court.

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Welcome to RIFT 1.11: Tempest Rising!

General Notes | Crafting Notes | Warrior Notes | Cleric Notes | Rogue Notes | Mage Notes

The patch notes for 1.11 are super incredibly long, so some sections have been linked to the appropriate forum thread rather than displayed in the patcher, particularly Calling and Crafting changes.
* World Event – Tempest Rising: For years the Icewatch, with the aid of the Ascended, have stood guard over Crucia’s icy prison in Iron Pine Peaks. New rumors rise from the east, claiming that the Dragon of Air is not captive at all, but is in fact biding her time while her schemes come to fruition. For the sake of Telara, Crucia’s rise must be stopped!
* The new dungeon, Exodus of the Storm Queen, will be unlocked in a later phase of the World Event!
* SOUL CHANGES: Major updates come to basically every soul in the game – you can find summaries below with links to specific Soul change details on the forums! Be sure to also check out the GENERAL COMBAT changes which apply to all Callings.
* PLANAR ATTUNEMENT is now shared among all characters, and has been converted to a simpler method of gaining levels – see details under PLANAR ATTUNEMENT, below.
* CRAFTING has also seen some significant tune-ups and has detailed notes linked from the forums.

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These are some of the largest patch notes we’ve seen. These incorporate everything that has been changed for each calling leading up to the expansion. Also, there have been large changes to the combat system and additions to the crafting professions. Use the links below to jump to each section. General changes are on top.

Crafting Changes | Combat Changes | Warrior Changes | Mage Changes Rogue Changes | Cleric Changes

* You may now equip items of any armor type in your Wardrobe. Mix and match – the world is your closet!
Hold on, let me repeat that.
* You may now equip items of any armor type in your Wardrobe.
* The first time you accept a teleport for an Instant Adventure group, your starting location is remembered. Later, when you’re done adventuring, you’ll now be asked if you’d like to return to your starting position.
* Fixed a case where auto-attack wouldn’t toggle off due to a line of sight issue.

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The below notes are work-in-progress and are, as always, highly subject to change before reaching live shards. These notes are also in addition to/modifications of the previous 1.9-in-progress set posted here.

* PTS NOTE: Conquest: Your mentor level will be cleared when entering a Conquest map. Characters cannot Mentor while in Conquest.
* PTS NOTE: Conquest: Fixed a bug where you couldn’t loot player corpses.
* PTS NOTE: DPS of PvP Set 5 weapons increased to match PvE counterparts.
* PTS Note: Focus and Hit added to PvP Set weapons toned down compared to amounts of Focus and Hit on comparable tier PvE weapons.
* PTS NOTE: Increased minimum Bolstering to rank 36 for Warfronts.

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