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celebration bonus weekend

While members of the Trion community team are enjoying the weekend at PAX Prime, we’ll be able to celebrate a bit at home as well. Aside from the special live streams taking place, RIFT players will be receiving special celebration bonuses in-game that will last throughout the weekend and even into next week. These bonuses are also Trion’s way of apologizing for the recent lag we’ve been experiencing. Here are the bonuses:

in game bonuses

Keep in mind that even though the in-game message says the bonuses are for subscribers, that message simply hasn’t been updated since the free-to-play conversion. This weekend’s bonuses apply to all RIFT players.

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This weekend at PAX Prime 2012, Trion Worlds put on quite a show with all of the goodies they had to offer. The company showcased RIFT a great deal, naturally, diving into areas of Storm Legion that we haven’t seen before. We were also shown some of the new Bard skills in action. On top of all that, we also found out some new details about the expansion! It was a good weekend, and thanks to Trion’s TwitchTV page, it’s possible to view the footage at any time.

There’s a lot of footage to cover, however, thanks to three days of live streams. That’s why we’re here to offer up some of the best highlights of the three-day event, show off some screenshots, videos, and all the juicy details that were new information reveals. As a warning, all of the footage below was originally captured from Trion’s live streams, so graphical/sound quality may not be the best. Let’s take a look, shall we?

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During next weekend’s PAX, Trion announced earlier this week that they will not only be attending and showcasing all kinds of RIFT goodies, but the team will be live streaming the presentation. PAX runs from Friday, August 31st to Sunday, September 2nd. Here’s the announcement:

Originally posted by Elrar (Source)

We’re taking our live streams to a whole new level!

When we invade PAX next weekend you’ll get to join the action – whether you’re coming to the show or halfway around the world you’ll get to see the latest and greatest from RIFT, Defiance, and End of Nations.

Join us next weekend starting Friday, August 31st – Sunday, September 2nd from 10:30AM to 5:30PM Pacific (5:30PM-12:30AM GMT) for live coverage from the show floor. We’ll be showing off the latest in Storm Legion with interviews, playtests, and more – just tune into Twitch.TV/trionworlds!

Sounds exciting! Oh, and in case you haven’t heard– we won’t see our next Storm Legion class reveal (although we do know names now!) until after PAX. We will, however, hopefully see some new goodies at PAX in the likes of interviews, area reveals, and feature reveals.

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This week we are joined by Laughter, the winner of the Send me to PAX! contest, where Trion is sending her to PAX this week! We talk about itemization, PVP gear, PVE and more!

Host: Draegan
The Crew: Blitz, Ssly
Guest Interview: Jewel a/k/a/ Laughter
Direct Download: click here.
iTunes: click here.

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It is now past the stroke of noon here on the west coast and voting is officially ended.

Congratulations to Laughter – YOU’RE GOING TO PAX!

We look forward to meeting the winnner, they will be contacted by the email associated with their account. To all of our other finalists – thank you so much for participating and we truly enjoyed your entries and dedication to RIFT. We look forward to other such future events and ways we can reward our awesome community – so keep your eyes open!

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A new podcast this week that goes over PAX and has an interview with AutomaticZen that details his review of his experience at PAX.

Today AutomaticZen joins us. He’s a forum and IRC regular who writes for and attended PAX. Not only did he give us a really nice write up of his PAX experience on the boards — he also allowed the podcast team to kidnap approach him and drag invite him on the show to chat to us about his experiences with Rift at the show.

Check it out.

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Kotaku has posted some videos and their impression of Rift from their time at PAX. If you’re an avid follower of Rift, then you won’t find any new information but the videos do show you more perspectives of the game. For those that are new to the game it introduces you to rifts, invasions and touches on the soul system.

The other distinguishing element of Rift is its dynamic content. The developers hope that players will experience an MMO world that feels like it’s living and progressing even when they are not there. This dynamism is evident by those rifts from which the game gets its name. They appear as tears in the fabric of the world. They’re the potential beachheads of invasions from forces of earth, fire, water, air, life or death. When a tear appears, players can try to seal it. If it opens all the way and becomes a rife, an invading force enters and marauds their way to towns.

Videos beneath the break.

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Another interview with Russ Brown at PAX, this time by Ten Ton Hammer. Again more information on the class system, invasions and rifts. Russ also explains the Role system and how easy it is to switch between all of them on the fly.

Some reminders of what some Rogue souls can do:
Bard: Group Support Class
Assassin: Poisons!
Riftstalker: Shield and tank toys.
Marksman: Mobile shoot from range and keep moving.

In another post we’ll discuss a newly found item in Rift called a “Focus”.

Part One of the Video Interview
Part Two of the Video Interview

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Arithion of Rift Podcast snagged an interview with Russ Brown, VP of Development of Rift: Planes of Telara, by proxy at PAX. Russ goes over the basics of the game and you get to see the soul system in action again! More and more detail each time they demo this for the press. In the second part you’ll see rifts, footholds and invasions in action.

And feign death will be in the game. Videos after the break.

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