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The official “Joy of Dimensions” contest closed last week and the winners were announced on Friday, February 15th. For weeks players submitted their Dimensions to the RIFT Facebook page and followers voted for their favorites.

All voters and submitters recieved in-game titles and a special Dimension item. The third place prize was the title “Architect” along with in-game items. Second place was those things plus additional Dimension landscaping. First place was all of those things plus even more in-game items and the opportunity to help Trion choose the next Dimension zone release. There was also a Grand Prize, awarded by a panel of Trion judges, that included all of the previous titles and in-game items along with a fancy new Alienware x51 PC. (Not bad.)

Congratulations to the winners, continue reading to see the screenshots!

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Rift Junkies is augmenting their social media contest with a new first place prize.

1st Place: VIP Beta Pass
2nd Place: $25 Amazon Gift Card
3rd Place: Rift: Planes of Telara T-Shirt

So how do you win? Very easy. You need to do three things.

Once you have Liked Us and taken care of Twitter hop on over to our forums and post in this thread. This is where we will be choosing our winners. Players who do all three things will take precedence over those who have done one or two.

Restrictions and Notices:

  • We will only ship tangible goods to the Continental United States.
  • Prizes may not be exchanged for any form of money.
  • Rift Junkies will not be held responsible for lost or stolen prizes.
  • You must be 18 years or older to receive the Amazon Gift Card.

A winner will be chosen on November 6th 2010.