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RJ Dev Tracker

As part of this week’s forced shard transfers and merges, the European roleplaying (RP) community on Argent is being migrated to the Zaviel shard, which is purely PvE. This decision has received a large amount of negative feedback from the RIFT community, and when asked about the possibility of turning Zaviel into an RP-PvE shard in order to maintain its RP flag, Trion answered the question by maintaining that the RP flag would not be moving.

This is rather unfortunate in an MMORPG universe where it’s often a little rough for roleplayers to find a safe, open-world haven to enjoy a bit of RP. It’s also rather unfortunate that it’s currently impossible for RIFT players to transfer between EU and NA clusters, as this would allow the RP community to relocate on Faeblight, the North American RP shard.

Trion finally delivered some good news for European RPers in a forum post made by dahanese yesterday. While an exact solution hasn’t been found yet, the development team is working on one and plans to usher one out as the shard internationalization process continues to unfold fully:

Originally posted by dahanese (Source)

We’re working on options for an RP shard for the EU when we finalize and rollout our internationalization plans but that’s something that’s still in progress.

As for Faeblight: it isn’t going anywhere. There’s a hefty population there.

Daglar and I talked about a State of the Game today (he needs to get it out to you!) and I’m going to keep you guys up to date on internalization and all other plans as they move forward and towards their live date.

In all likelihood, this solution will probably have to do with allowing players to finally transfer/hop between EU and NA clusters, since Trion’s grand internalization plans will allow players from various parts of the world to enjoy the game together while still playing RIFT in their own language.

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Role-players, you may have more to look forward to in Storm Legion (also known as RIFT 2.0) besides the awesome potential, of course, that are Dimensions. Last Friday, Trion posted a stickied thread in the Role-play forum going over some of the past changes RPers have suggested, including a few of the RP player-created addons that are out there. In addition, the team is asking for suggestions players have regarding features they’d like to see added to Soul Legion that may enhance their RP enjoyment. The thread, Improving the Role-Play experience in Rift v2.0, is full of solid suggestions so far, including:

  • Improve regulation of Role-play Terms of Service
  • Provide better tools for Role-players to connect
  • Interactable Objects you can sit on
  • Better walking functionality
  • Weapon wardrobe slots
  • More emotes and emote animations
  • Increased customizable features for dimensions, including building type and “skin”
  • Last names
  • Additional prefix titles

Some good ideas here! If you’re interesting in RP at all, make sure and give the thread a peek and offer up suggestions of your own.

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RIFT can be quite an immersive game, especially for the role-playing community. The gorgeous maps, the risky world Telara’s lore is based on, the range of racial options, and the unique cultural environments– there’s a lot of material for creative minds to play with. Trion has recently stepped forward and offered a helping hand to our RP community, in hopes of creating a richer, more prominent and dynamic playground for not only RPers, but all players of RIFT.

Last week, during a developer Q&A post, it was announced that RIFT will feature a wedding system in the future:

We’re looking at ways to empower roleplayers to have the ability to run their own events and control over their RP experience. What that means is still being defined but to start things off we’re proud to announce that weddings will be making their way to Telara. You’ll have the dress, rings, and even an instance with a ceremony if you decide to use it! Expect to see them pop up on PTS in the near future and we’ll keep in touch as our plans for improving your RP develop.